Disney Is Weaving A Brand New Dragon Ball Franchise!! Here Are The Shocking Leaks!!

Don’t tell us you haven’t heard about this news! Disney has acquired a major portion of Dragon Ball, and it’s weaving a new Dragon Ball franchise… here is all we know. 

Disney, the biggest giant in the media industry is rumored to be acquiring the rights to the new Dragon Ball franchise.

Back in the time before covid in 2019, Disney acquired one of the biggest media companies, 21st Century Fox. This consolidation was considered the biggest merger the world has ever seen. 

Since then Disney has been seen on a hunt for various superhero universes.

Star Wars, like Dragon Ball, started back in the early ’80s and is still considered as one of the top notches among the fans. Over more than three decades, Star Wars and Dragon Ball have continued to amaze the fans and have met the horde expectation in every sense. So, after acquiring Star Wars, Disney is ready to bring a new Dragon Ball franchise. 

Dragon Ball Franchise Entertained The Fans For Decades!! 

New Dragon Ball Franchise
Credit – Disney

Dragon Ball universe is the original production of Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, and Shueisha, a Japan-based company. 

Rumors have been heard that the New Dragon Ball Franchise is acquired by Disney. 

Further, it is said that Disney only acquired the rights to part of Dragon Ball, which is Dragon Ball Z. 

The animated rights are still claimed by the original owners. Whereas the English dubbing part, it is considered to be under the regulation of Funimation Entertainment, a part of Sony Pictures with the lead role of Shueisha. 

News of the New Dragon Ball Franchise by Disney has already raised the expectations of the crowd, as both are considered to be top-notch in the entertainment industry. 

New Dragon Ball Franchise Under Disney Will Be A Treat For The Fans!! 

New Dragon Ball Franchise
Credit – Fandomwire.com

Bewilderedness is experienced among the crowd after hearing the New Dragon Ball Franchise was acquired by Disney But how come Disney has the rights over the Dragon Ball? 

To clarify, the Dragon Ball evolution movie was a part of 20th Century Fox. The movie was a super flop and to compensate the fans, the owner Akira Toriyama made a blockbuster anime back in 2013 named “Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of Gods”. 

The past is already rock-solid in the case of Dragon Ball and after the rumor that the New Dragon Ball franchise by Disney is coming, the curiosity among hordes is already off the charts. 

The crowd is very much in favor of this rumor. All they are wishing that the rumor which is aired, turns out to be in their favor of them. 

Let’s End. We don’t wanna stop, do you want us to stop?

New Dragon Ball Franchise
Credit – Cbr.com

Approvals are still needed by Disney or the main owners of Dragon Ball for any direction. 

However, what if the rumors really turned out to be true and Disney is really making a picture of Dragon Ball? Isn’t it exciting? 

The efforts put in by two giants in a single movie could prove to be a giant success. The news of the New Dragon Ball Franchise is something that the fans were craving—As it is, this series is the one that neither a child nor an adult could resist!

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