Netflix’s Ozark Boss Reveals A Big Update On Upcoming Ozark Spinoff!! 

Showrunner Chris Mundy revealed that a spinoff is not out of the question now that the serial thriller’s four-season run is officially over. So, will there be an Ozark spinoff? Here is everything we know so far. 

Chris Mundy revealed a shocking update on the much-anticipated Ozark spinoff

“It’s gotten a lot of attention,” the EP says. “Nothing is definitive.” We’re fortunate that people seem to enjoy the program, so there will undoubtedly be some interest.”

Will there be an Ozark spinoff?

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Although Netflix has yet to confirm an Ozark spinoff, that does not limit the possibility.

As the company tries to handle its financial troubles, Netflix has canceled programs recently, with Meghan Markle’s Pearl being one high-profile victim.

With Ozark’s popularity, a new show situated in the same world may be a safe bet, especially given Netflix’s popularity with Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul.

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Will Ozark Spinoff Follow The Second Part Of Original Season? 

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As the fourth and last season of Ozark nears its end, the streaming service has released the second half of the fourth and final season. Though the voyage is over, is there any chance of a spinoff? Chris Mundy, the showrunner and executive producer, has hinted at the possibility of a new series.

It’s certainly something that has gotten a lot of attention. There’s nothing straightforward about it. We’re fortunate that people seem to enjoy the program, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of interest.

It is possible to have a discourse with the Byrde family and conclude, but it does not imply there is still much truth to be spoken. A program like Ozark always has a few options, and many fans would be excited to see another crime drama.

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Even if a show featuring fan-favorite Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) isn’t viable, showrunner Mundy says there are ways to “revisit” the series (barring flashbacks).

There is still the ability to remain in the program and go over old ground.

That isn’t to imply that a Ruth spinoff isn’t necessary. As a precursor to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul became a successful show in its own right so that a Ruth-centric Ozark spinoff might be set in the past and go further into her tale and background. 

For those who have enjoyed connecting with the Byrde family and miss seeing them on film in whatever manner, such a spinoff may be worth seeing.

Even if Ozark just canceled the remaining episodes, an Ozark spinoff for further storylines will likely be approved sooner rather than later.

Over the last year, Netflix has appeared to be more prone to cancel shows than to grant them spinoffs (with Bridgerton standing apart), but never say never when the showrunner hasn’t ruled it out!

Meanwhile, you can watch all four seasons of Ozark on Netflix. Check out the finest Netflix programs to keep you entertained.

What did Chris Mundy reveal about the Ozark spinoff?

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“It’s just something folks have spoken about a lot,” Mundy said of the potential Ozark spinoff to TVLine. There is nothing conclusive.

“We’re fortunate that people enjoy the program, so there will undoubtedly be some curiosity.”

So, fans, what do you think will there be an Ozark spinoff? Tell us in the comment section. 

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  1. Bring Back Ruth! Bring Back Ruth! I can’t get enough of her. I know she didn’t die. I think she was prepared for the cartel coming after her and just played possum after she got shot in the chest. Can you say bullet proof vest of some sort? She has too much to offer the series. Team Langmore!!!!

    1. Ruth was and is the main character and all move around her , you just waited for her to appear to spice this. She was great

  2. Julia Garner is my favorite actress, as I’m sure she is alot of people’s favorite. I would love to see something centered around her. How great that would be!

  3. How about if Three fines her and calls 911 and they save Ruth. I would love to see her build a beautiful home on the water with a pool. I really thought she would get to be that rich bitch.

  4. Yes I hope there will be a spin off of Ozark. The way season 4 ended it left a feeling that another series was in the making, I hope so and please keep all the cast in series in 4 in the spin off.

  5. Please let there be a spin off, and Bring back Ruth And the Byrdes. It can always be a second ending from the last episode, so Ruth can come back!! Or it could be a premonition and they don’t let her leave the party?? Come on writers, you got this!!! Best show ever!!

  6. Bring Ruth back! Wasn’t the FBI watching her and that cartel lady. They had too much at stake. Ruth wouldn’t have gotten out of her car knowing someone was there yo harm her. They can fix it, When they started the last season the car accident looked like they all died. They can come up with something. Besides I would love to see her house completely done!

  7. Bring Ruth back! Rachel goes back to the trailer after the big party at the casino and finds Ruth ALMOST dead and saves her. She is also protected by FBI.

  8. There is a need for good shows on Netflix! This was the best show I’ve seen on Netflix! Bring Ruth back along with the series. It’s the best escape from the day to day humdrums that there’s been in years!

    1. I agree with all commenters. I couldn’t get enough of Ozark. Loved Ruth the most. I agree I’d love to see her house and pool. She deserved better than being shot at the end. Bring back Ruth

  9. Yes it definitely needs to be a spin-off, and Ruth definitely needs to come back . They do it all the time on the soap operas.

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