Netflix Drops A Sneak Peek Into Queen Charlotte Bridgerton!! Get Ready For The Spinoff!! 

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Something about Queen Charlotte Bridgerton

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Although Bridgerton is fictional, Queen Charlotte is an actual historical figure. Queen Charlotte is also Golda Rosheuvel, spearheaded the active hunt for Lady Whistledown. 

Also, she’s believed to have been England’s first monarch of mixed race. So, in short, this series is about the Regency era in England, where eight close siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love! So as people have lived this, now there’s a prequel to this. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story next year!! 

What to expect from the prequel “Queen Charlotte Bridgerton Story”? 

Season 3 is going to come next year, guys. So, we have to hold our excitement horses and keep a lot of patience. 

It’s going to be about Golda Rosheuvel’s origin story. Also, be prepared as Rhimes is super excited to send members of her team across the line where the series would be divided.

But we are curious to see the expanded world of “Bridgerton” in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

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Yes, we got this news recently from an interview. It will take us back to the monarch’s teenage years. 

Did you know that, in the real world, she served as an incredible Queen from 1761 to 1818? 

Also, it would focus on how she grew into a monarch and guided England through such a volatile period. The show’s official description doesn’t have much to display!

We will get to see the young Queen’s marriage to King George

We are thrilled to see how their life story started and they clicked. Their love story also brought a societal shift. It’s difficult to control our excitement as we can’t keep calm for the prequel “Queen Charlotte Bridgerton Story.”

Who’s starring in this prequel?

Lizzie from Sex Education would be cast as the young Queen. Golda Rosheuvel would be seen as Queen Charlotte. Ruth Gemmell, Michelle, and many others will also be seen in the upcoming season!

Any idea who’s directing Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

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According to the sources, Shonda Rhimes’s longtime showrunner Tom Verica would be directing the first episode of the prequel.

Have you watched the first look of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story?

Guys, Netflix has released a two-minute first-look teaser of the same, and it’s also available on YouTube. 

Although it’s just a single scene, how much we loved it. Comment below on whether you have seen the first look or not. 

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