Netflix Better Call Saul: Are Kim & Saul Responsible For This Major Character’s Death? 

Netflix Better Call Saul’s latest season has already been wrapped up. The story centered around Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy McGill) and Saul Goodman’s criminal lawyering persona has become the hotspot of questions.

One of the hottest questions coming out is what happened to Kim Wexler and who was responsible for that? So, here is all we know about Netflix Better Call Saul. 

What happens to Kim Wexler? 

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Did Netflix Better Call Saul’s finale reveal Kim Wexler’s fate? Well, the story has been put on hold. 

Saul and Kim con on Howard Hamlin (Former Boss) and finally claim the pay when the attorney seems like a foolish person in front of the partners and associates. 

But right after the climax of the show’s hero’s plans, Mr. Howard’s uncertain death in the apartment of Kim and Saul leaves so many questions in the audience’s mind and wondering if Kim’s fate will be blamed for the death. 

Throughout Netflix Better Call Saul season 6, the storyline has elaborated on Kim and Saul’s scams on those who deserved it.

However, Howard’s speech, just before his death, points out how wrong Kim and Saul may be as they were juggling with lives.

Though the circumstances leading to the confrontation in Kim and Saul’s apartment appear a bit complex, everyone knows whom to blame for Howard Hamlin‘s fate. 

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What will be Kim & Saul’s fate? 

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In season 6th of Netflix Better Call Saul, some episodes are running on the flashback sequence of Kim’s childhood, revealing Nebraska roots in the details, however too exact that seems to be accidental as Saul chose to disappear from the Breaking Bad events. 

 As the show continued, Grind and Ax took a trip to the vet’s office through his black book to expose the business card to have the best quality vacuum repair, the number to call when someone wants to disappear. 

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However, the clues aren’t throwing away some major details, making it further a question and wonder whether Kim could first disappear. When Saul and Walt (Bryan Cranston) chose to explore the getaway option, they believed in the process. 

Could he have that faith since he understands it works for somebody he knows, such as Kim? Just time will say definitively, but Kim’s fate may not have to be as bleak as it appears to be at times.

So, stay tuned for the Netflix Better Call Saul new season to see how the questions unfold. 

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