Neil Gaiman Dropped Bad News On Sandman Season 2!! Is New Season Canceled?

DC, after an extended period, has finally launched its superhero series. Previously, the comic company was only a movie-making machine. 

However, with changing demand and needs of its audience, it has finally released its superhero show. 

Technically, Sandman’s name itself suggests that he is the one who commands sand. However, the story is different here.

According to some European folklore, Sandman is a person who puts people to sleep and encourages and inspires beautiful dreams by sprinkling magical sands onto their eyes. 

The story revolves around the same concept. Fans were quite amazed after watching the DC-made series.

Audience response for the Sandman Season 2

Sandman Season 2

As we all know, Neil Gaiman is the oh-so-amazing creator of this magnificent series. After the success of season 1, he is constantly surrounded by a crowd with a single question – when will season 2 come? Generally, it’s the tradition that whichever series is appreciated by fandom, the next season is not far away. It’s like a basic general rule. 

While in the case of Sandman, Netflix has not announced anything yet. The story, which every fan dreamt of when it would hit the screen, has no confirmation that it will continue. The audience felt strange about why Netflix has not released any information about the same.

Views of Neil Gaiman on Sandman Season 2

Sandman Season 2

Ever since Sandman season 1 was released on screens in early August, he has been asked countless times when season 2 will come? Why has Netflix not announced anything about season 2? The crowd was growing restless about it. 

On asking several times again, Gaiman said that it’s hardly been two months since the show started streaming on Netflix, and the data harvesting process was not completed. 

It was constructed only recently. He also said that many people, rather than watching the show, are interested in spreading it. 

Netflix on Sandman Season 2

After watching the show and seeing the success level it is achieving, everyone started offering their suggestions on whether the next season should be streamed in full or every week. 

Gaiman is the one to start the conversation. Some people have already decided weekly streaming would prove beneficial for Netflix. They even said that the weekly streaming model would help to bring season 2 even more success. 

Budget constraints in the Sandman Season 2 production

Sandman Season 2

After seeing the VFX effects, we were pretty sure that the series was not pocket friendly. 

An enormous, enormous amount of funds were used in the production of season 1. This could be why the season 2 news is not yet announced. Until the finances are managed, fans have no option but to wait. 

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