Naruto Vs Goku – Who Will Win? 

Goku from the Dragon Ball and Naruto from the Naruto series grew up to become two of the most formidable warriors in all manga. Considering the state of the universe, it is not difficult to see Goku and Naruto clashing on the battlefield. Which of these guys would triumph in such a Naruto vs Goku fight?

Naruto Vs Goku
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Naruto vs Goku Who Will Win – Who Is Goku?

Goku’s father, Bardock, gave him the name Kakarot when he was born. Kakarot was born three years before Planet Vegeta was destroyed in the manga, whereas in the anime, Goku was born just before the planet was destroyed. 

Goku escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta because he was being shipped to Earth on a normal infiltration operation to eliminate all life on Earth in order to sell it to Frieza. Following his arrival on Earth, the young Saiyan was discovered in the woods by an elderly man called Gohan and adopted as his grandson. Grandpa Gohan refers to him as “Son Goku.”

Who Is Naruto?

Naruto Uzumaki is a shinobi from the Uzumaki clan of Konohagakure. He became a jinchūriki after his birth. Naruto put a lot of effort after joining Team Kakashi to obtain the village’s approval while pursuing his aim of becoming Hokage. 

Over the next several years, he developed into a skilled ninja, recognized as a hero by both the villagers and, shortly after, the entire world, earning the title “Hero of the Hidden Leaf.” He quickly established himself as one of the key players in the village’s victory in the Fourth Shinobi World War, allowing him to realize his ambition of becoming the village’s Seventh Hokage.

Goku’s Powers and Abilities

Goku has a long history as one of the strongest characters in the genre. Goku has had plenty of time to get stronger, with over 30 years of continuous publishing and five unique anime under his belt, and he has not missed a single second of it. Superhuman power, reflexes, and responses are all normal for a Saiyan fighter. With absolutely no stress on his body, he can fly, shoot planet-destroying laser pulses from his palms, and teleport.

Goku’s powers are only bolstered by his changes. Most of these changes, such as his Super Saiyan form, simply increase Goku’s current strength levels rather than giving him new abilities. However, Goku’s most recent strongest form Ultra Instinct is an exception to this rule. 

Goku is not only stronger in Ultra Instinct form but his motions are also getting automated which you can consider as a plus in Naruto vs Goku. He can concentrate on dealing harm while being unaffected by his attackers since he takes little to no conscious thinking to protect himself.

These talents and transformations place Goku on a line with some of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe, including the mortal world’s almighty gods. Even deities with considerably greater abilities than Goku, such as Whis and Beerus, are astonished by his perseverance and might. They even agree to teach Goku in the hopes that he may one day be as strong as they are.

Naruto Vs Goku
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Naruto’s Power and Abilities

Naruto, like Goku, achieves extraordinary levels of power via a range of techniques and modifications. Naruto, as a ninja, has the power to manipulate the natural energy in his body, termed as chakra, in order to enhance his inherent abilities and execute different Jutsu techniques. Naruto’s combat style focuses on these strikes, which are further boosted by Naruto’s multiple inherent powers and mutations. 

Naruto already has more chakra in his physique than that of the vast majority of other ninja have, and the demon fox spirit confined in his body simply adds to that quantity. The successive degrees of Naruto’s Sage Mode transformation improve these skills while also adding new methods to his array of superpowers. 

Naruto can use elemental abilities to increase his Rasengan, create hordes of clones, fly, alter his appearance, climb up walls, cure himself, summon huge talking frogs, spawn several arms constructed entirely of chakra, and much more in a Naruto vs Goku confrontation.

These talents not only make Naruto a formidable opponent in his own right, but they also allow him to adapt to a wide range of situations. He can thoroughly outmatch his opponent in order to dominate the battle and minimize collateral harm. 

His vast skill set and knowledge have enabled him to defeat some of history’s greatest ninjas, as well as defeat godlike creatures that introduced chakra to Earth in the first place. Only a few other characters can even come close to matching him.

Naruto Vs Goku – Who Will Win? 

Can Goku (Ultra Instinct) defeat Naruto(Baryon Mode)?

Regrettably, even these amazing skills fall short of putting Naruto in line with Goku. Naruto’s adaptability and talent may make him a greater strategist than Goku, but pure might overcome tactics; after all, Goku is a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball conflicts are usually on a planetary scale, which means that the fighters in question may easily blow up the globe they are fighting on.

On the other hand, Naruto’s character has never shown this degree of strength. Goku could theoretically annihilate whole solar systems and galaxies if he desired so. As versatile and great as Naruto’s abilities are, they just cannot compare to Goku’s might in a Naruto vs Goku battle. 

Naruto can call as many clones as he wants, but Goku just needs a fingers’ tweak to turn Naruto and the planet he is on into space dust. In the end, Goku is victorious because of his massive amount of strength.

5 Reasons Why Naruto Can Win – Goku Vs Naruto

Naruto’s Ability To Heal

Without a doubt, even after being struck in combat, one must stay upright against their opponent. Naruto’s accelerated restoration allows him to repair wounds very rapidly. This includes the physical strength that is battling all of the nine-tailed beasts put on his body. 

A strike will be a strike for Goku. Sure, he can cure birds, but that is all he has to offer as his healing skill. Such incredible healing abilities will keep Naruto a step forward in a Naruto vs Goku fight.

Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode

Sage Mode is a fantastic ability. On the other hand, Naruto was able to achieve the Six Paths Sage Mode ability due to Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He becomes a formidable opponent when coupled with his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode.

The Six Paths Sage Mode is a game-changer, whether it is striking the Truth-Seeking Balls, receiving a Chidori undamaged, catching up with Kaguya, or ability to float. This is especially true given that this power is powerful enough to harm the Narutoverse’s Gods.

Spirit Bombs Can Not Harm Naruto

The Spirit Bomb is one of Goku’s most formidable weapons. This is an accumulation of power that Goku receives from numerous species in order to form a single pure sphere of positively charged energy capable of destroying anything literally. In a duel like Naruto vs Goku, this technique should be the determining factor, but happily, for Naruto, it isn’t!

The Spirit Bomb’s drawback is that it can only harm evil people. Naruto may be a Tailed Beast, but he is a kind guy. This makes him impervious to one of Goku’s most powerful attacks, which is one of Naruto’s most significant advantages in a Saiyan battle.

Naruto Possess A High Stamina

The Fourth Ninja War is a wonderful illustration of Naruto’s incredible endurance. He battled Madara for four days alone, yet he still had enough stamina to halt Sasuke in his tracks. This is due to the Tailed Beast’s ancestry.

Goku, on the other hand, has no such benefit. Goku cannot stay in it for very long, even in one of his weakest forms.

Goku Will Be In A Problem To Catch Ninja

Naruto may not be a sophisticated space alien warrior, but that does not imply he does not have some great skills in his sleeve. Naruto has shown that he has the endurance to take on several formidable enemies, such as Pain. He is in great form due to the Tailed Beast and his bloodline.

If he ever has to face Goku, his ninja training will likely be one of his best assets. This is an entirely different combat technique than the Saiyan, and it may have the upper hand in the Naruto vs Goku battle since Goku would never see it happening! Naruto would undoubtedly benefit from the element of surprise.

Goku (me) vs Naruto(Darth)

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Can Goku Beat Naruto? 5 Reasons Why Goku Can Win

Goku’s “Hakai” Method Can Cause Trouble To Naruto

Goku has a unique talent that is very strong and terrifying to consider. The Gods Of Destruction often use the “Hakai” technique since it can generally annihilate any target. It is hard to believe that a nice guy like Goku would ever need to utilize such strength.

However, this Saiyan can surely make use of it in a Naruto vs Goku confrontation! Goku would just blow Naruto if he used this approach on him. We hope it never happens, as it would be a very dark path to take, but we should consider it.

Saiyans Were Ape At Once

While the Super Saiyan God evolution is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forms a Saiyan can take, the Great Ape has the potential to surpass Naruto’s Tailed Beast. On full moons, Goku, like all other Saiyans, may transform into this massive humanoid form.

There are many theories as to why Saiyans can achieve this, including the possibility that they were once Great Apes themselves; however, Saiyans can frequently take advantage of this. They may increase their strength in this animalistic state. You have not seen anything till Goku gets completely insane!

Goku Has Been Mastered In Every Form Of His Race

We have already discussed the many transformations that Saiyans may do, but Goku is unique as he has mastered them all. Goku is regarded as so strong because he has achieved this accomplishment, which should be practically impossible to do.

This speaks a lot about Goku’s strength and ability. He is a tenacious fighter who can easily defeat Naruto in all forms. While the potency of each fluctuates, we are certain he possesses a handful outside of his godly form that would be sufficient to defeat the shinobi in a Goku vs Naruto battle!

Goku Is Even Not A Human

The first point we need to consider is Naruto’s physical deficit; even as an adult, it is evident that he is no match for Goku in terms of physical power. For starters, Goku is not even human and a confrontation like Goku vs Naruto is odd while considering this issue. Thus his massive muscles are likely stronger than any animal on this planet, even ninjas!

Of course, this is not Naruto’s mistake; after all, we doubt any average person could ever match Goku’s power. We are confident Goku would take down Naruto in seconds without even engaging his full effort in a battle.


Hopefully, you are aware of the Naruto run. You have undoubtedly tried it once or twice as a youngster. This seems to be how ninjas get the most speed when rushing to their objective. As quick as it is, this strange run will never come close to Goku’s speed.

Goku is not just a naturally powerful beast but also a lightning-swift one. He moves so quickly that many may not even see him. If he were to battle Naruto, the ninja would have no way of knowing what was hitting him!


In theory, Goku and Naruto seem to be equal in terms of power and skill. Experience, on the other hand, is the determining element in a fight between Goku vs Naruto.

Since he was a toddler, Goku has been urged to defeat some of the universe’s fiercest and most battle-hardened fighters. This provides him with a tiny advantage over Naruto, who, although evaluated early on, has never been faced with such a varied collection of opponents. Goku’s expertise will eventually enable him to locate and exploit a flaw in Naruto.

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  1. You’re delusional if you think they even compare. How you even gonna mention that Goku can turn into a great ape? He doesn’t even have his tail anymore

  2. Delusional is right. How are you gonna talk about Goku’s potential to destroy an entire solar system (which is severely low-balling his power, by the way), say Naruto has never shown anything close to that amount of power, then start your conclusion with, “In theory, Goku and Naruto seem to be equal in terms of power and skill.”

    This article is hilarious. There is zero comparison between Goku and most other characters in media once you go past original DragonBall. His power scales way too high and his techniques are absolutely broken. Giant Ape? My dude the Oozaru is a fly to be swatted compared to his current transformations. Not that he’d need any of them, seeing as how he tanked hakai energy when he wasn’t prepared for it in his base form.

    Goku healing birds and that’s it? You’re just gonna ignore when his God form healed a blast that went entirely through his body and was killing him? I would love to see, just once, a Naruto fan boy admit that Goku would absolutely clap anything Naruto could throw at him. It’s not even close.

    • Well it’s pretty obvious that Goku is stronger than Naruto lmao. I think Naruto has a better story so I think I count as a Naruto fan. I’d absolutely pick Naruto over Goku any day.

  3. Yes, a person that, in his most powerful state, can’t destroy a single planet is comparable to somebody that, in his weakest state, could destroy an entire galaxy.

    Like Naruto’s punches would even register to goku. Why would he need to heal from the damage caused by a blow that doesn’t even bypass his physical defenses. It would be like Hercule “fighting” Cell. Hercule ripped apart a bus, bare handed. His punches didn’t even register to Cell.

    Spirit Bomb is useless? Except for when it’s absorbed by Goku and used to power his attacks. There’s more than one way to use the Spirit Bomb.


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