My Hero Academia Reveals Deku New Power!! It’s Pretty Shocking!! 

The first arc of Season 6 of My Hero Academia has concluded. Izuku Midoriya (aka Deku), the protagonist of My Hero Academia, has reached a new evolutionary stage, revealing a form that maximizes his abilities. 

Deku new power comes from his rage at seeing his friends and colleagues nearly killed by the evil All for One. As of the most recent episode, Izuku Midoriya can employ the Fourth One For All User’s quirk for the first time, giving him access to new abilities. 

So, what is Deku new power? Let’s find out.

What is Deku new power?

Deku new power
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Deku makes it to the battlefield in My Hero Academia chapter 367, only to be confronted by a horrific scene. When the heroes and villains finally clash, Deku is held up by Himiko Toga, so Bakugo and the other heroes have to keep Shigaraki, the current owner of All for One, occupied until the rest of the heroes fight. 

Shigaraki has mercilessly beaten all of his allies, and Bakugo himself appears to be dead. One for All wanted Deku’s anger to boil over, and they succeeded. Lemillion’s intervention allows Midoriya to restore composure, and he unleashes his entire force in a last showdown with the villain. Midoriya’s appearance has shifted in the chapter’s final panel, implying that he will display complete control of his abilities. 

Deku new power
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In Episode 126, Deku finally uncovered his peculiar talent, hinted at before, when he experienced a flash of lightning in his mind warning him of impending peril. Deku realizes that the overwhelming sense of danger he’s been experiencing as events within One For All have begun to spiral out of control, much like Black Whip’s had before, is the Fourth User’s Danger Sense, one of the peculiarities he was taught about during training.

The air around Deku is a different hue, and the black tendrils of the Fifth User’s quirk, Blackwhip, encircle his neck. The Third User’s power, Fa Jin, causes a glow to emanate from his body, while the Sixth User’s quirk, Smokescreen, creates a haze about him. 

Deku new power
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All the successors’ faces appear behind Midoriya, suggesting he will use every one of their abilities in the impending fight. The Second User’s quirk is the only one yet to be revealed. The Second urged Midoriya to save this mysterious skill as the last resort because of its deadly potential, suggesting that it may have been the impetus for his metamorphosis.

One for All also has the property of increasing the strength of the merged oddities over time. Midoriya may be the only one capable of defeating All for One, who has transformed Shigaraki’s body into a lethal weapon of unprecedented power if he can unleash all these supercharged eccentricities.

Future episodes of My Hero Academia will likely show Deku’s new power and actual abilities that measure up to the hype generated by his stunning new appearance.

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