My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Full Summary – Tomura Shigaraki Reawakens With Major Shocks!!

Readers got a preview of Lady Nagant’s eventual assistance to the heroes in the recently released My Hero Academia chapter 379, titled Hopes. 

This chapter was also the start of a full-on fight between Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. Finally, the three-way war between All for One, Tomura, and Tenko inside Shigaraki’s body appeared to be winding down in My Hero Academia chapter 379

Most of the chapter was about UA, but the last few pages gave hints that this would change in later issues. We’ve gone over My Hero Academia chapter 379 full summary below.

My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Full Summary

My hero academia chapter 379 full summary
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Putting up a Powerful Display, Gentle

Fans of My Hero Academia were surprised by how dramatic Gentle’s entrance was in the last chapter. Seeing La Brava so quickly was a pleasant surprise for many of the supporters, even though it seemed inevitable that he would show up at some point. 

When the island began to fall, Gentle used his abilities in a way that fans had never seen before, creating a gigantic trampoline out of thin air that slowed the island’s descent and saved numerous lives.

Like every other soldier in the current war, Gentle has been elevated to the rank of Hero. In the previous chapter, though, we saw only a portion of him stopping the island and bringing it to rest. 

In the upcoming chapter 379 of My Hero Academia, we will see Gentle finally putting an end to the island’s chaos. He might then use his abilities to fight with the Heroes and put an end to the Villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Having Gentle join the heroes is great news, and his skills will only make him more important as time passes. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Leaks – This newfound visibility of Tomura Shigaraki

My hero academia chapter 379 full summary
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Inside Shigaraki’s mind and body, AFO scolds her for pretending to be heroic after killing so many defenseless people. Tomura, though, begins to manifest from the inside, mocking AFO for their inability to exploit the weaknesses of the human race to exert control over them. He is aware that AFO attempted to manipulate him into helping them take One for All by playing on Tenko’s hate of All Might and Nana Shimura. Tomura, on the other hand, detested the merger itself and reclaimed leadership by suppressing his identity. Desperate to return to his physical form in the Gunga Mountains, AFO begs Kurogiri to take him there. Still, the nomu seems to be losing control and is muttering something about friends and Shigaraki. Tomura elaborates that because his original intent has not been tainted, he does not require One for All.

The Shimura family has molded both Tenko Shimura and Tomura Shigaraki. Both characters desire to wipe out the entire world because it has such a place. Tomura reclaims absolute power and recasts himself as the legendary Shigaraki. He tells Midoriya that he will finally be free if he destroys everything. Tomura can now escape the floating fortress because he has healed himself.

In My Hero Academia, Chapter 379, Deku is weighing his options when he decides to use BlackWhip to launch himself and Tomura off UA and onto the earth below. He states that he will not ignore the child pleading for aid, even though he cannot allow Shigaraki to succeed in his destructive ambitions.

My Hero Academia Chapter 379 Spoilers Reddit

My hero academia chapter 379 full summary
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My Hero Academia chapter 379 full summary shows that Lady Nagant’s wounds have opened again, and she is in a very serious situation. She may be nearing the end of her life, given the severity of her wounds. Although her shots were ineffective against Shigaraki, they did buy Izuku some much-needed time to collect her thoughts. 

In addition, Lady Nagant provided Tomura with an opening to reclaim power. Tenko Shimura’s identity was buried within the Shigaraki/AFO fusion in chapter 361. Tomura did this on purpose, and his strategy succeeded, as shown in My Hero Academia 379.

Since this is the real Tomura, a mix of Tenko Shimura and Tomura Shigaraki, Deku has a better chance of connecting with him and getting him to stop wanting to destroy everything. On the other hand, AFO’s time in the spotlight is limited. He told Hawks that the time his body would spend in the Gunga Mountains is limited. AFO had placed all his faith in Tomura following his wishes, but with his mind removed from the fused body, it seemed he could never go home again. Like in Chapter 379 of My Hero Academia, AFO will end if something from the outside doesn’t step in.

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