My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Leaks – Here Are Some Major Spoilers Revealed

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 of the Japanese manga will resume on February 6, 2022, after a week’s hiatus. Two days before the release, raw scans and leaks are generally available online, and as expected, we are here to present you raw scans before the high-voltage release.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342
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Rukasu, a Discord member, has revealed the description and spoilers for Chapter 342 of My Hero Academia.” The chapter begins with two citizens inside the U.A. discussing All For One’s return to give directives.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 342
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In My Hero Academia Chapter 342, All For One has called the citizens to create a revolt by engaging refugees who have doubts about the heroes.

The students are seen returning to their dormitories, exhausted from their patrolling duties. Iida, who is dressed in his new outfit, believes it is critical for them to be on the streets patrolling and earning locals’ confidence.

He goes on to say that they should not worry about fulfilling their responsibilities. Meanwhile, Deku believes he owes Uraraka a debt of gratitude for everything she has done for him.

With Nezu and Tsukauchi, All Might visits the dormitory. Momo inquires whether they have come to report on Aoyama’s situation. Tsukauchi confirms while All Might says they need to talk about a backup strategy for the next fight.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 342, Class 1-A is prepared to depart U.A. the following day. The students are paying their last farewells to their dear ones and families.

The class arrives at Troy, a facility designed by Cementoss, Powerloader, and Ectoplasm. Students have their own rooms at the facility, which is comparable to the dormitories in U.A.

Deku later seeks Uraraka in My Hero Academia Chapter 342 and finds her resting outside alone. He leaps to his feet and takes a seat next to her. He expresses gratitude for her previous remarks in the United Arab Emirates. She claims that he is making a huge issue out of something little.

He inquires as to what she was doing outside alone, and she responds that she was observing the city. During their conversation, she expresses how she was worried about Himiko Toga. She is aware that Toga was involved in the demolition of the city, but she is unaware of her side of the story.

My Hero Academia Chapter 342
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Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 342?

You may read all of the newest and prior chapters of My Hero Academia Chapter 342 on the VIZ website, or on Shueisha’s English manga website Mangaplus.

On your iOS smartphone or Android, you may also download Mangaplus’s official app or Viz’s ShonenJump App. The last alternative is to wait for VIZ to release the book physically. 


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