MUI Goku: 5 Dragon Ball Character Who Can Defeat MUI Goku Easily 

In the last phase of Dragon Ball Super anime, we witnessed how Goku reached the level of the Gods unlocking Ultra Instinct form. MUI Goku was something fascinating for the fans. 

With Goku unleashing so much power, he has closed up the gaps with the most powerful entities in the multiverse. However, is MUI Goku the strongest being in the Dragon Ball Universe? Definitely not. 

MUI Goku
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So, today Sassyshows is here with the list of all super-powerful Dragon Ball characters who can easily defeat MUI Goku – 

5 Characters Who Can Defeat MUI Goku With Ease 

Here is the list of Dragon Ball characters who can overpower the Ultra Instinct form of Goku, the most powerful Saiyan – 

#5 Jiren 

MUI Goku
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We have already got a glimpse of how powerful Jiren is. Even MUI Goku struggled against him. Moreover, to handle the Universe 11 giant, it took Goku to team up with Frieza. So, in case, we see one more battle between Goku and Jiren, the latter would easily defeat the Saiyan. 

#4 Lord Beerus 

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Lord Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7. The last time Goku fought with Lord Beerus, we saw how effortlessly he defeated the Saiyan. However, many fans believe that unlocking MUI, Goku has bridged the gaps of power with Beerus, But it’s not true, Goku still has to travel a long way to reach the power levels of Beerus. 

#3 Whis 

MUI Goku
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Whis is the Angel of Universe 7 and the one who taught Goku Ultra Instinct. So, it’s pretty obvious that Whis’ mastery of the form is much better than Goku and he can defeat MUI Goku within a blink of an eye. 

#2 Granolah 

MUI Goku
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Granolah is the main antagonist of the latest Dragon Ball Super arc, running in the manga. In the latest fights of MUI Goku and Granolah, we have seen Goku struggling. While Vegeta came to the rescue with his new Ultra Ego form, Goku was easily overpowered by the villain. 

#1 Zeno 

MUI Goku
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Hands down! Zeno is the most powerful entity in the Dragon Ball Universe. Though his character appears a bit funny, he is the creator of everything. So, Zeno possesses the ability to erase Goku within a blink. 

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  1. Whomever wrote this is not reading DBS jiren is weaker then goku now goku is much stronger since the top will it be a good fight yes but he not beating goku now think before you post dumb stuff jiren is not that strong cause he had to go full power to fight a MUI goku that was weaker then the new master version goku has now

  2. Whoever wrote this doesn’t think before writing. MUI beat Jiren before his body gave out. He wasn’t in MUI form when he and Frieza took Jiren down. At least watch the fight before doing these. Idk about Beerus either since he was using 70% of his full power against Goku in their first fight. The rest of the list sure, but to beat Goku easily as this says, I don’t think so

  3. I disagree with 2 of your 5 honestly. First off Jiren. I don’t even think it’s a debate on this one, goku already beat him and literally had him finished using MUI, the only reason he ended up having to team up with frieze(and Android 17) is because his MUI ran out and had a massive negative impact on his body. Your comment on him teaming you with frieza makes it seem like even when he was fighting with MUI, it wasn’t enough and he still needed help from frieza to win but that’s not the case.
    Secondly, this one is definitely debatable because we don’t know for sure but I honestly think he could beat beerus now as well. When he fought Beerus the first time Whis made a comment to Beerus after that it must of been exciting to use 70% of your full power(I think it was 70, I know it was right around there). At this time Goku had only reached SSG form, which isn’t even as powerful as SSB, let alone SSB with kaiyoken ×20 which was Gokus most powerful transformation before MUI. Now I honestly think even with that transformation Goku would be close to Beerus, I mean he would half to be considering kaiyoken doubles your energy which means he’s 20× his SSB. I find it hard to believe that that much of a power up wouldnt reach another 30% of Beerus’s power. But for the sake of the argument let’s say it doesn’t. When you see Goku Fight with Jiren with Ssb20 the first time, he can’t even land a single blow on Jiren, AND this is before Jiren has even powered up. So to go from that to being able to defeat Jiren(or for the sake of your opinion being right there with Jiren even) with MUI, that’s easily big enough power up to defeat Beerus. Not to mention whis has stated that lord Beerus hasn’t even Mastered Ultra Instinct yet. And lastly, whis also states that there was a rumor that one warrior was so powerful he was even stronger then his God of Destruction, and whis pretty much claims its true and its Jiren. Then whis says this God is even stronger then Lord Beerus. So if Goku is pretty much even with Jiren when he’s using MUI(worse case he is even) then that would mean he would have to be stronger then atleast Beerus, more then likely universe 11s God of Destruction as well. Ok sorry for the long ass rant lol let me know what you think if you see this

  4. Lmfao. What? Someone doesn’t watch and it shows. I guess any ignorant journalists can make it far enough to write stupidity. Whis, Granolah got him in the Manga but that was also a tired Goku. Vegeta watched, learned and not only came in rested unlike Goku. Goku also caused Granolah to use up energy and in a fight like that, every amount of energy matter.

    Zeno and Whis likely own Goku easily. Beerus on the other time did show a little worry when Goku went MUI which says it’s closer than you obviously think. But the part that showed me you’re ignorant is the Jiren part. Goku handled Jiren for the most part after MUI, if you actually watched, you would’ve seen that Goku beat Jiren, had hik eliminated and even Jiren knew “just end it already” or something like that. He only lost when his body gave out due to not being able to handle it, since it was his first time and wouldn’t happen now. Seriously, stop writing about this. You come off as having a DBS IQ level of 40 maybe and that’s only because you got Whis and Zeno right.

    1. And I’m aware the Manga was different and Jiren was stronger but since then, Goku has gotten stronger and better control. Hired loses, a better person for 5th would have been Broly 🤷‍♂️

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