Ms Marvel Spoilers: Who Did Kamala See In Her Vision?

Ms Marvel, aka Kamala Khan’s visions, came as a shock to the fans. Coming at such worse moments in episode 2, it was terrible. However, the moments have left the fans wondering – whom did she see in her visions? So, here are some latest Ms Marvel spoilers

Ms Marvel Spoilers for Episode 2

Ms Marvel Spoilers
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Ms Marvel had powers that she found fortuitous. Kamala spent the first half of episode 2 looking for them and testing them out with Bruno’s (Matt Lintz) assistance. 

Kamala had to use her abilities for good when a kid was hung from the Mosque’s tower during an Eid celebration. 

Many viewers are perplexed as to what exactly Ms Marvel saw in her vision when she was trying to rescue that kid hanging from a tower in episode 2. 

Apart from assisting Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) in gaining votes for the upcoming Mosque Board election, the Eid celebration presented Kamala with another chance. After donning the bangle bracelet at AvengersCon, Kamala gained her abilities.

Ms Marvel Spoilers
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She was curious about that bangle’s power. She assumed she might learn more about it and her great-grandmother at the same time since the bangle was delivered to her by her grandmother Sana in Pakistan, who also mentioned it belonged to her mother Aisha. 

Ultimately, Kamala was never told anything about it by her mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff), who simply referred to the bracelet as “junk.”

Muneeba and Sana avoided responding to Kamala’s inquiries about Aisha because the aunties all described her as someone who brought shame to the family, which was what Kamala wanted to learn at the Eid event. 

The individual who emerged in Kamala’s visions was also strongly hinted in Marvel Episode 2. The lady who could be seen extending a hand towards Kamala was her great-grandmother, Aisha, according to Aisha’s clear connection to the bangle and the fact that Kamala had those visions while the bangle was somewhat activated and lighting up all confirmed it.

What can we expect from Ms Marvel Episode 3?

Ms Marvel Spoilers
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Ms. Marvel put a lot of emphasis on how Kamala’s abilities were awakened by her connection to the family heirloom. 

Kamala’s visions could be the method for her to learn more about both her talents and her family history, given that the only person who possibly understood what the bracelet might do in individuals was Aisha and Kamala’s great-grandmother who vanished in 1947. 

As per the latest Ms Marvel spoilers, we believe that episode 3 would tell us more about this connection.

The prospective parallels between Kamala’s intended journey and Aisha’s were addressed in the first two episodes of Ms Marvel.

Telling anything more than this about this episode’s story will give you some major Ms Marvel spoilers & would ruin your excitement so we should stop here. 


So this was some explanation about episode 2 & some Ms Marvel spoilers. We hope that this will increase your curiosity for episode 3. If you want more of such Ms Marvel spoilers comment below and please tell us how much you like our blogs.

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