Season 1 Sets The Stage For Ms Marvel Season 2! Here’s How?

Kamala, the new add-up in the superhero clan of the MCU, has been introduced in the latest series airing on Disney Hotstar, Ms Marvel Season 1. 

The season finale of Ms Marvel has some key threads for the build-up of Ms Marvel Season 2. Here is all we know. 

The Plot – Ms Marvel And Her Unique DNA

Ms Marvel Season 2
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The six-episode season of Ms Marvel has closed, with its last episode aired on the OTT platform on July 13, 2022. The final episode of Ms Marvel showcased the superhero story of Kamala Khan. Ms Marvel is also the seventh TV show under the umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Season 1 of Ms Marvel focuses on the life-changing journey of Kamala Khan from a nobody to a superhero and how she discovers her superpowers and her family’s connection to the Light Dimension. 

Ms Marvel Season 2
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We witness Kamala losing her mentor, Waleed, and how she saw her great granny die in her trip to the past. Being a tough girl Kamala is, she accepts all this with a brave heart and takes her future, acknowledging the ups and downs that come in the life of a superhero. 

She heartily wishes to keep her loved ones safe in the present. The final twist in the show was regarding her unique DNA, which builds a platform for Ms Marvel Season 2 once she returns home. 

Is Ms Marvel Season 2 Happening??

Ms Marvel Season 2
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This question remains to be answered by Marvel Studios! But if we are to believe the buzz around, there are chances of Ms Marvel Season 2 to happen. 

The odds for Ms Marvel Season 2 to happen are higher because of Kamran and his newly found superpowers. 

The final episode of Season 1 showcased Kamran’s abilities and focused on his inability to control his superpowers. He has powers similar to Kamala but with a darker set of intentions within him. 

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Kamala sends Kamran to Karachi to save him, where Kamran meets the Red Daggers – the historical enemies of Kamran and his family for generations. 

There is ample scope to explore the aspect of Kamran and his life, along with the age-old feud between the Clandestine and the Red Daggers, that we can expect in Ms Marvel Season 2. 


As of now, it is only Loki who has received a season 2 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

In the initial stages, Ms Marvel was supposed to be a limited series, but then with MCU in the driving seat, you never know!!! But we are sure that Ms Marvel will feature in the upcoming film “The Marvels” in 2023. 

The post-credit scene of Ms Marvel’s final sixth episode of season 1 has set the grounds for the movie – The Marvels, but there is yet a lot to explore about how things would be for Ms Marvel Season 2. 

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