Ms Marvel Episode 5 Reveals These Unanswered Questions About Kamala & Kamran

Ms Marvel is getting more and more spicier. With new aspects of Kamala’s character coming out, it’s more intense now. 

Much information was given away in episode 5, “Time and Again,” including Kamala’s family history and Kamran’s relationship with her.

Ms Marvel episode 5 does not involve Kamala but focuses on her great-grandparents, Aisha and Hasan. While the episode provides solutions to several previously voiced concerns, it also raises several new ones.

However, Ms Marvel episode 5 leaves a bunch of questions on Kamala and Kamran’s relationship!! Here is all we know… 

Unanswered Questions From Ms Marvel Episode 5 

There are some questions for which we need answers. As a Ms Marvel fan, let’s go through some.

Why Kamala’s Bangle Has So Many Other Powers?

So far in Ms. Marvel, Kamala’s powers have remained stable, so her new ability to travel through time is a bit of a shock. There is no comparison to the power of making complex light structures when it comes to time travel.

However, given how many people want to get their hands on Kamala’s bracelet, its capabilities may be far more than we can imagine.

Ms Marvel Episode 5
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What Was the Source of Kamran’s Abilities?

Kamran gains new abilities in Ms Marvel episode 5. Despite the scene’s briefness, they appear identical to his comic book power set. Even so, how he’ll fit into the MCU’s future isn’t clear.

What Is the Meaning of Kamala’s Bangle’s Symbolic Inscription?

In Ms Marvel episode 5, Mehwish Hayat portrays Aisha, and Fawad Khan describes Hasan.

The quote on Kamala’s bangle is explained in the latest episode of Ms. Marvel. It’s a personal slogan that Aisha’s great-grandfather, Hasan, firmly believed in and one that Aisha has heeded. Accepting one’s responsibility in shaping one’s future is the key.

What Kind of Abilities Does Kamran Possess?

When Kamran uses his skills to toss a drone off-balance and cause it to explode, he does so only briefly. This is in line with his comic book abilities. 

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Most depictions show him capable of shocking his foes and detonating objects with an intense burst of electricity from his body. The little we’ve seen of Kamran’s abilities in Ms. Marvel episode 5 indicates that they haven’t changed much.

Is Kamala’s Broken Necklace Significant?

Muneeba and Sana come just as Najma is about to close the curtain, and they observe Kamala exercising her abilities. 

Another part of Kamala’s costume is complete thanks to this broken piece, which harkens back to Marvel Comics’ lightning-bolt insignia. At the end of their time together, Kimo offers her a crimson scarf, which she will most likely incorporate into her final appearance in Ms. Marvel episode 6.

Is The Veil Still There?

It’s not quite apparent how the Noor Dimension’s veil was torn open. It could have been a reaction to Najma’s attack via Kamala’s bangle, or it could have been a byproduct of the enormous energy expended in time travel. It’s also not apparent how Najma ended it. In Ms. Marvel episode 4, Waleed warned that the Noor Dimension would attempt to engulf the entire Earth if the veil were to be lifted. ‘ No one could touch the cover except the ClanDestines because their banishment was supposed to be everlasting.

The concluding notes

Many questions are raised in the fifth episode of Ms. Marvel. It’s unclear how the last episode will incorporate Kamran, the Department of Damage Control, Bruno, Kamala, and even Nakia. If Ms. Marvel episode 6 doesn’t wrap up, fans can look forward to additional Kamala Khan appearances in subsequent MCU films.

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