Ms Marvel Episode 4: The Tragic Ending Explained 

Marvel’s Ms. Marvel is coming as a great series and it’s the one that comes with a lot of surprises and twists. Ms Marvel episode 4 is finally out, and it’s a complete roller coaster.

Ms. Marvel releases one weekly episode that tells more about the story, which is a great way to keep viewers coming back for more. 

So, after the bombastic Ms Marvel episode 4 climax, the fans are curious to dig into the story more. Hence, Sassyshows is here with a sneak peek of the latest episode. 

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Sneak Peek 

Ms Marvel Episode 4
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“Ms. Marvel” is nearing our halfway mark and continues to be a fun ride demonstrating positive representation of those not often seen in superhero media. 

Following the conclusion of last week’s hour-long, action-packed episode — where we saw Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) create more distance between herself and her comic book origins — the young hero takes viewers back to Pakistan in “Seeing Red.” 

Here, she learns more about her family history and makes a couple of new friends (Bollywood stars Fawad Afzal Khan as Nobu). 

While further establishing herself in the Marvel Universe with glimpses of a potential multiverse theory – or an image of how she could look if she were part of one way in which things were different.

Traveling across time zones and cultures, Kamala gets her first team-up moment and ends up in a place fans of the Ms. Marvel comics would not have expected. 

Explaining the end of Ms Marvel Episode 4

Ms Marvel Episode 4
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The mysterious Clandestines suddenly arrive and begin attacking the team! Najma holds Waleed captive while attacking Kareem until Kamala makes a wiser decision and shows how she mastered this superhero pose in front of her window. 

While our friends try to escape from the baddies, a vital character named Waleed, who was becoming increasingly popular for his heroic deeds, passes away while Najma stabs him with her Knife. 

Sadly this means there is an end for one more hero in the MCU, but we can always look forward to hoping for another character to step up to aid Kamala in her fight against evil-doers!

To make matters worse, while our hero Kamala is trying to fight them off, she mistakenly stabs the enchanted bangle that gave her powers once before. 

Startled by what’s already happened, the talisman accidentally sends Kamala on a journey back in time to 1947 ( the time of India- Pakistan partition). 

So what could this sudden twist lead to that will tie up all these exciting plot lines? Just what does Kamala’s sudden leap back in time mean for the visions she had before this unexpected turn of events? 

Will those flashes of Aisha and the train be glimpses into a future that she hasn’t seen yet? Perhaps, Aisha has caught a glimpse of a strange teenage girl who also caught her attention while trying on a bangle? Hopefully, we’ll get our answers later this week when next week’s episode finally airs.


Ms Marvel Episode 4
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It’s a lot for a high school girl playing hero, but many questions remain unanswered! How much power has the bangle inflicted on its wearer? Which wild theory turned out to be accurate, and what drastic change has made one of Ms. Marvel’s comic book allies much more critical? Ms Marvel episode 4 has left us with more questions than we could just imagine. Maybe episode 5 will bring an answer to them. 

So waiting for Ms. Marvel episode 5 to release next Wednesday is our only option. Until then, if you find something more on it, please share it in our comment box. We will be waiting for them!! 

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