This Ms Marvel Episode 1 Scene Broke The Hearts Of The Fans!!

 Ms Marvel episode 1 is out, and it’s really awesome. Unlike most of the Marvel series, it’s a really different approach from the franchise. Loaded with fresh elements, the new episodes also bring some heartbreaking moments. So, in this article, let’s drive into Ms Marvel episode 1. 

Ms Marvel Is A Really New Approach Of Marvel!! 

Ms Marvel Episode 1
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Ms Marvel is the first MCU program to feature a Muslim superhero and a South Asian character in a significant role. 

It stars Iman Vellani as Kamala khan playing the lead role of our hero, Ms marvel. In the MCU, it is also the first genuine exploration of South Asian culture. 

Difference between Ms Marvel (Cinematic Universe) and Ms Marvel (Comic Universe)

Ms Marvel Episode 1
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As we know, Marvel’s cinematic universe has always been famous for changes. It has never followed the same story from the comic universe. So, how Is Ms marvel (Kamala khan) different in Ms marvel episode 1? 

In the first episode, Kamala discovers her talents, so there is still much to learn about her abilities. Right now, it is clear that she can launch disks of physical cosmic energy. 

Using cosmic energy, she can stretch her arms out and snare items. A bracelet her grandmother gave her is the source of her abilities, but it remains unclear what they are.

In the comic universe, Ms marvel had the same type of powers, but her powers were the result of the terrigenesis. She was an Inhuman. She also had some abilities to regenerate.

As Marvel cinematic universe has already introduced the concept of Inhumans during Agent of Shields, fans expected them to follow the same story. 

However, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has already planned something else for Kamala Khan. We will learn more about her powers in the coming episodes.

Ms Marvel Episode 1’s Most Heartbreaking Scene!! 

Ms Marvel Episode 1
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Ms marvel episode 1 tells us about our clumsy character Kamala khan, a fangirl daydreaming about Captain marvel & living in her illusional world. The other important characters are 

  • Her protective mother, Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff)
  • Extra relaxed father Yusuf (Mohan Kapur)
  • Supportive sibling Aamir (Saagar Shaikh) 
  • And the best friend Bruno (Matt Lintz)

Ms marvel’s episode 1 revolves around Kamala khan’s extra protective Muslim family. Kamala wants to go to the Avengers at night, for which she asks permission from her parents. 

At first, they refuse but at last manage to allow her if & only if she goes with her dad in the homemade hulk costume.

On the other hand, Kamala has been designing a Captain Marvel costume for months, so she refuses to accompany her father to the conference and devises a flawless mechanism to flee the house unnoticed.

So what happens at AvengerCon & the introduction to her powers & how she connects to the villain is what we will leave you to watch.


So we are yet to discover the whole story of Ms marvel & how she will be getting connected to the MCU phase-IV. But about Ms Marvel’s episode 1, we can say that it was pretty exciting, and we are waiting for episode-2, which will be streaming on Hotstar next Wednesday. 

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