Top 10 Spooky Movies To Watch This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween. And you already know what that means: It’s time to grab the popcorn, dim the lights, and, if you dare, put on a scary movie! This brings us to Movies for Grownups. 

So, today we have selected ten terrifying movies to watch this Halloween from the vast selection of scary movies currently streaming online.

Just make sure you start with the couch’s underside. The fact that horror movies tend to be the most well-liked around Halloween shouldn’t come as a surprise. Watching scary movies has become a tradition since the witching season is the perfect time of year for specters, oddities, horrors, and monsters. A horror movie set around the holiday itself is a match made in heaven.

Movies To Watch This Halloween

movies to watch this Halloween
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Halloween Movies To Watch On Netflix

We are in the Halloween spirit. Additionally, it means movies in addition to sweets, costumes, and parties. 

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching a frightful movie, and thanks to Netflix’s extensive selection of Halloween movies and episodes, this is made simple.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow

movies to watch this Halloween
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As a father and daughter team, Marlon Wayans and his teenage daughter Priah Ferguson (Stranger Things) set out to defend their community from Halloween decorations that have come to life. 

The School for Good and Evil

Their friendship becomes strained when Sophie and Agatha are called away to the magical school for fairy tale heroes and villains. 

The cast of this brand-new film, which is based on Soman Chainani’s novels, includes Kerry Washington, Charlize Theron, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeo, and others. 


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After seeing his hugely well-liked Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass, and the recently released The Midnight Club, you can explore more of the Mike Flanagan Cinematic Universe. 

In that case, you should watch his 2016 feature, Hush. Hush is a perfect slasher film starring Flanagan’s wife and regular collaborator Kate Siegel as a deaf author being chased by a savage sicko in a house in the woods, despite not being another ghost story from Flanagan. Timothy Surette

Halloween Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime Videos

The Halloween movies available on Amazon Prime Video range from campy classics like Phantasm and cult favorites like Jennifer’s Body to scary modern horror movies like A Quiet Place Part II, 2021’s Candyman, and 2018’s Suspiria. Plenty in this place keeps you frightened until the end of October.

A Quiet Place Part II

When it was released in 2018, John Krasinski’s film A Quiet Place was a success; about a family attempting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by blind aliens that attack at the first hint of noise. Its follow-up, which Krasinski also directed, is a respectable successor. 

When the Abbott family is forced to leave their home and venture into the unknown, which takes place immediately after the first movie’s events, they put themselves in even greater danger. 

Evelyn (Emily Blunt), who is now solely responsible for figuring out how to navigate the world for herself and her children, is now on her own.


movies to watch this Halloween
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With this 2021 follow-up to the 1992 horror classic Candyman, co-writers Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, and Nia DaCosta—who also served as the film’s director—put a new spin on the lore surrounding a killer with a hook hand.

While integrating themes like the exploitation of art and the disenfranchisement of the Black community, this new adaptation omits the previous sequels and follows a Chicago artist (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) obsessed with the tale and discovers his terrifying link to the Candyman. 

Halloween Movies On Hulu

The best way to celebrate Halloween is with a spooky movie marathon. The finest Halloween movies on Hulu are the only ones you need to consider if you’re looking for the ideal movies to binge-watch this fall. 

The greatest Halloween anthems are crammed into the streamer to the brim. Whatever Halloween-themed genre you prefer, there are excellent options to help you kick off the spookiest season of the year.

Hellraiser (2022) 

This Hulu original follows a young woman who unknowingly summons a bunch of nasty otherworldly monsters after receiving an old puzzle box. It is a remake of Clive Barker’s 1987 horror movie.

Matriarch (2022) 

Movies to watch like halloween Matriarch

After experiencing a near-fatal overdose and returning home, an advertising professional takes a break from her demanding job. When she visits the remote English village where she was raised, she discovers a sinister secret.

Grimcutty 2021

An internet joke sparks a wave of extraordinary violence in a little suburban community. 

A teen and her younger brother devise a strategy to trace the meme’s history and figure out the best method to stop it.

Halloween Movies On Peacock

What better way to get into the eerie spirit as Halloween approaches than with some terrifying horror movies? Fortunately, Peacock puts a tonne of the best ones, including classic and modern works, right on your screen. Here are some compelling horror movies that are currently streaming on Peacock.

The Black Phone (2021)

Stephen King’s son Joe Hill’s short story inspired the movie The Black Phone. It takes place in the 1970s and relates the tale of Finney, a 13-year-old boy abducted by a magician named The Grabber (Ethan Hawke). 

The Grabber’s deceased former victims can be reached by Finney using a disconnected rotary phone in the basement. But what happens to Finney? Critics gave the movie favorable reviews and lauded the source material’s acting, photography, and fidelity.

Halloween Ends (2022)

Movies to watch like halloween
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Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as Laurie in this new film, the thirteenth in the venerable Halloween slasher series, which picks up four years after Michael Myers’ final attack. 

However, catastrophe comes just as Laure begins to feel some peace in her life. According to Universal Pictures, the movie’s plot begins when Corey Cunningham, a young guy, is accused of killing a youngster while watching him. This sets off a wave of violence and fear that finally forces Laurie to finally face the evil she can’t resist. 

Catch the terrifying dread on Peacock as it is streaming from October 14.

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