Top 3 Most Powerful Devil Fruits In One Piece

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With the absolute power these fruits hold, the people having these most powerful devil fruits are the strongest! The abilities of these devil fruits are immensely overpowered.

The One Piece world has some scarce Devil Fruits, which grant extreme level power to the ones who eat them in exchange for their ability to swim. This treasure of fruits is not easily found but is in the four Blues in One Piece and is found abundantly in the Grand Line.  

The Extraordinary Devil Fruits

Most Powerful Devil Fruits

Over the years, One Piece has introduced many of such incredibly overpowered Devil Fruits, which do provide an incredible boost physically to the ones who eat them. Any person privileged to eat these most powerful Devil Fruits have been stronger than others!

These Devil Fruits are nothing short of extraordinary!!

Where are these Most Powerful Devil Fruits Available?

In the early 100 chapters, these Devil Fruits were not mentioned much. But as the storyline progresses, the fans have been introduced to many such most powerful Devil Fruits. They are found in abundance in the Grand Line.

Few Top Most Powerful Devil Fruits

Most Powerful Devil Fruits
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The list is a long one, but here we are sharing with you some of the few most potent Devil Fruits:

Pika Pika no Mi

Wielded by one of the three Admirals of the Navy, Admiral Kizaru, this is a Logia-type of Devil Fruit that allows the user to turn themselves into light and freely manipulate it according to their will and wish! 

This fruit has provided immense powers to Kizaru, making him one of the most fearsome opponents for anyone who comes his way in One Piece.

Momonosuke’s Artificial Devil Fruit

Most Powerful Devil Fruits
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This fruit has provided immense powers to Momonosuke as he can convert himself into a giant dragon anytime he wishes to. Vegapunk created this Devil Fruit as he was experimenting on Kaido. 

Vegapunk was able to create a replica of it, and it has worked wonders with Momonosuke since he ate it! Sooner in the future, we might see Momonosuke being as powerful as Kaido. 

Ope Ope no Mi

Also termed the Ultimate Devil Fruit, Ope Ope no Mi can perform various operations. Right from stealing hearts to chopping limbs, or be it switching personalities with opponents and also having the power to give immortality, this fruit is mighty. And this fruit is eaten by none other than Trafalgar Law,

Let us share with you the names of some of more most powerful Devil Fruits:

Most Powerful Devil Fruits
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Hobi Hobi no Mi – Eaten by Sugar and turns the opponent into a toy

Gura Gura no Mi – Currently in possession with Blackbeard and allows to create quakes that can sink an island

Soru Soru no Mi – Allows to manipulate souls at will and is eaten by Charlotte Linlin on her sixth birthday.

And the list goes endless!!

Final Thoughts

Please share the list of your favorite most Powerful Devil Fruits with us!!

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