Morbius Post Credit Scene Explained: Director Daniel Espinosa Opened Up About Future Collaborations

If you have already been into the theaters watching Morbius, you may be wondering what actually happened in the climax scene. So, here is the Morbius post credit scene explained. 

Morbius Post Credit Scene
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Morbius, Sony’s latest Marvel film, has finally opened in theatres after nearly two years of delays due to the pandemic.

In July 2020, “Morbius,” starring Jared Leto as Marvel Comics biologist-turned-vampire Morbius, was originally scheduled to premiere before “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this weekend’s release of “Morbius” was pushed back due to the chaos it caused in the film industry’s release calendars.

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Morbius Post Credit Scene Explained

Morbius Post Credit Scene
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While the sequel to the 2017 film “Venom,” which saw Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes play a villain known as “Vulture,” appear in two post-credits scenes, “Morbius” does not explicitly mention “Venom 2,” though it does make a passing reference to the upcoming sequel (or SMU, for short).

The effects of Doctor Strange’s spell from “Spider-Man: No Way Home’s” ending ripple into the SMU in the first “Morbius” post-credits scene. Toomes appears out of nowhere in an empty jail cell, and he’s not sure how he got there. In the second scene, Toomes is freed from prison and reunited with Morbius after finding his Vulture suit. 

When Venom: Let There Be Carnage ended, he appeared on the SMU’s TV, and Spider-Man was mentioned for the first time, he was blamed for his universe-hopping predicament. In response to Toomes’ suggestion that he and Morbius collaborate in order to “do some good,” Morbius says “intriguing.”

“They have a plan,” says director Daniel Espinosa of “Morbius” in an interview with Variety, but that’s all he says about Sony’s plans for the future.

He did have more to say about the post-credits scenes, the Spider-Man reference that was omitted, and the next team up for Morbius and Vulture.

Morbius Post Credit Scene

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What does it mean that Vulture wants to work with Morbius? What are they aiming for with all of this?

Sony’s confidence has grown since the release of “Venom.” One of the best comic book movies ever made is “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” thanks to the writers and directors. As a result of this, the cinematic universe and Sony’s take on the idea of multiple timelines in the film changed. So far, they’ve been working on “Kraven,” so I’d say they’re looking ahead. 

So, here we have explained Morbius post credit scene. Hope you liked the article. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. 


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