Morbius Plot Leaks Reveals The Tragic Backstory Of The Character 

With Morbius knocking at the doors, the fans are hunting around the Internet to get hands-on some Morbius plot leaks. So, Sassyshows is at your service with some hot spoilers. 

Morbius Leaks 
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Fans of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe were informed of the tragic news shortly after the premiere of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Because Disney and Sony were unable to reach an agreement for Spider-continued Man’s use in the MCU, they decided to separate ways. 

Morbius Plot Leaks 

Morbius Leaks 
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According to rumors, Sony would create its own cinematic universe, anxious to show that it doesn’t need Marvel’s other characters to make billion-dollar films, while Marvel would move forward with its own Phase 4 plans, which would not require Spider-participation. Man’s The two titans eventually reached an agreement, and the new deal apparently permits Marvel to utilize Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in two additional films, including Spider-Man 3, which is set to release next year, and a secret crossover picture that might be an Avengers sequel.

More intriguingly, the new contract reportedly allows both studios to employ Parker and his rogue’s gallery without having to worry about what happens in the other realm. As a result, Sony would be permitted to make references to MCU events, while Marvel would be able to use stuff from the Spider-Verse, which is currently in development. 

Morbius Leaks 
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We saw the first teaser for Morbius, Sony’s upcoming Spider-Verse feature, a few weeks ago, and it turns out Sony is inserting plenty of Marvel Cinematic Universe connections in the picture, references that will likely help attract an audience. Soon after the trailers aired, a leaker revealed the entire plot of the film, including all of the subtle and not-so-subtle references to the MCU and Spider-Man.

After all, any comic book reader who has seen the trailer will be able to make the dots by drawing inspiration from the Morbius stories and concocting a plot that seems plausible, but it’s also chock-full of MCU goodies that will help Sony’s Spider-Verse stand out.

So, here are some amazing Morbius plot leaks. Make sure to stay tuned to get more updates on Sony’s upcoming project.

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