Moon Knight: Who Is Ammit? Scarab Is Taking Arthur Harrow To Ammit’s Tomb

With Moon Knight slowly unwrapping its new chapters, things are getting even more intense. In the latest episode, we saw how Arthur Harrow is determined to get his hands on the scarab, which will help him awaken Ammit. 

But who is Ammit, and where is his tomb? Here is everything we know about the Egyptian Goddess.

Who Is Ammit
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While the MCU audience was obsessed with characters like Ironman and Captain America, Moon Knight turned out to be something out-of-the-box. With the first two episodes, the show has already grabbed the limelight. 

As of now, it’s clear that Moon Knight or Marc Spector got his powers from Khonshu. However, on the other hand, the show’s antagonist, Arthur Harrow has also got some divine abilities.

When it comes to the powers of Arthur Harrow, one name the show has always highlighted is Ammit. So, who is Ammit? 

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Who Is Ammit In Moon Knight?

Who Is Ammit
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Though the Disney+ series has not yet revealed the real identity of Ammit, we have enough explanation in the Marvel comics. As per the comics, Ammit, also titled Ammut, is a goddess of Egyptian religion who serves Ma’at, the goddess. 

Ammit is a crocodile-headed Egyptian goddess who demises the souls that are deemed unworthy through a scale that measures their good deeds. 

In the first episode, we found Arthur judging the good deeds of the old lady with a tattoo of scale on his arms. 

Where Is Ammit’s Tomb?

As we reached the climax of Moon Knight episode 2, we saw Arthur Harrow finally get his hands on the scarab which will help him reach Ammit’s tomb. 

Who Is Ammit
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Further, we saw a heated conversation between Marc Spector and Khonshu as Marc failed to save the scarab from reaching the hands of Arthur.

However, suddenly the episode reveals that Marc and Khonshu have a plan to prevent Arthur from resurrecting Ammit. 

But what’s the plan? Unfortunately, episode 2 wraps up without passing any glimpse of the plan. However, at the climax scene, Marc Spector got transported to an unknown place that appeared similar to Egyptian lands. So, is Ammit’s tomb in Egypt?

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