Moon Knight Season 1: 5 Biggest Unanswered Questions 

The first installment of Moon Knight season 1 has left the fans stunned. Rolling them into a bunch of twists and turns, the series showcases the true capabilities of Marvel Studios. Moreover, the twisted ending of the Moon Knight Season 1 has left the fans clamoring for more. It has left them with a bucket full of questions unanswered. So, which are the biggest cliffhangers of Moon Knight Season 1? Here is everything we know so far. 

Moon Knight Season 1 Is Wrapped In Mysteries 

Hands down! Marvel Studios has delivered one of the best plots to the fans with Moon Knight Season 1. The rapid juggling of the twists and turns made the show even more intense, while Oscar Isaac added the cherry on the cake with his insane performance. 

Though the climax of Moon Knight Season 1 marks the end of the villain Arthur Harrow, there is much more to explore. With Marc Spector’s new identity, Jake Lockley diving into the plot, several questions have branched out. So, here are some of the burning questions trending on social media which were left unaddressed by Moon Knight Season 1. 

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5 Shocking Unanswered Questions From Moon Knight Season 1

What Superhero Does Layla Turn Into?

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Moon Knight’s season finale was loaded with shocks. One of them turned out when Layla, Marc’s wife, decided to be the temporary avatar of Taweret, the Goddess of birth and pregnancy. 

In the Great Pyramid of Giza, Layla turns to the avatar of Taweret. Yes, the so-called ‘temporary avatar.’ Though we see Layla with a new, super-cool costume, her superhero name is still under the wraps. As we know, in the Marvel Universe every superhero has a name. Like when Khonshu made Marc his avatar, the latter got the name Moon Knight. So, what is Taweret’s new avatar’s name? 

Though the series has not officially announced Layla’s superhero name, the Marvel website quotes her as Scarlet Scarab. So, it will be interesting to see in the next season how her powers turn out to be. 

Where Is Anubis? 

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When it comes to theories, the fans are always ready to shower a bunch. As per a popular fan theory, Arthur Harrow is actually the disguised form of the Egyptian God Anubis. In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is one of the most powerful Gods who judge the soul of the people. 

However, Moon Knight Season 1 did not even feature the God, and it seems Ammit is both the judge and the executioner. 

So, will Moon Knight Season 2 bring Anubis? Well, we need to wait to see that. 

Are The Other Egyptian Gods Really Dead?

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While Moon Knight introduced a team of really powerful Gods or rather God’s avatars, Arthur Harrow within a blink killed them. During the fight, Osiris’ avatar, Selim, immediately dies. However, does this mean that the Egyptian Gods are dead? Well, it’s one of the most debatable topics. While we have seen the Gods using their avatars to speak and save the world, does their avatar’s death mean their death too? 

Is Ammit Really Dead?

Moon Knight Season 1

In the climax of Moon Knight Season 1, we saw Ammit being trapped inside Arthur’s body with a magical spell. Moreover, in the post-credit scene, we find Jake Lockley shoots Arthur. However, the death entirely happens off-screen. So, one of the major confusions is – Is Ammit really dead?

Well, considering that Arthur Harrow is Ammit’s avatar, is a single bullet shot enough to kill him? While there is speculation that Harrow may be alive, some fan theories suggest he is actually dead. The spells may have rewritten the abilities of an avatar and both Arthur and Ammit may be officially dead. 

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Why Is Marc Unaware Of His Third Persona Jake Lockley? 

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It seems neither Marc nor Steven is aware of the third persona, Jake Lockley. As we saw in the fight against Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight Season 1 finale, all of a sudden Marc got a blackout and Jake Lockley came to the rescue to kill all his men. However, then we see both Marc and Steven confused about what actually happened. This proves that Marc is really unaware of his third personality. 

So, is Jake Lockley a personality Marc created unintentionally or the main player behind is Khonshu? We need to wait for Moon Knight Season 2 to get our answers. 

So, which question from Moon Knight Season 1 is bothering you the most? Tell us in the comment box. 

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