Moon Knight Episode 5 Leaks! Creator Confirms Episode 5 & 6 Has A Storm Of Twists 

Hands down! The latest episode of Moon Knight has been a game-changer for the story. With no Khonshu to save Marc, our hero ends up in the clutches of Arthur Harrow. So, what’s next? Will there be more surprises dropping in the upcoming episodes? Here are some amazing Moon Knight Episode 5 leaks. 

Moon Knight Episode 5 Leak
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Starring Oscar Isaac as the lead character, the Moon Knight series has created a buzz around social media. While the first three episodes were a roller coaster with a bunch of twists and turns, the climax scene of the fourth episode has changed the world for the fans. 

As the series is rolling down to its final two episodes, there are a bunch of questions that need to be addressed. So, today, Sassyshows has taken a deep dive into what can be the probable plot of Moon Knight episode 5. 

Note – Spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 4 Ahead!! 

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Recap 

Moon Knight Episode 5 Leak
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The fourth episode of Moon Knight titled ‘Tomb’ is simply a blast in the heads of the fans. While the first thirty minutes are usual as it explores the journey of Marc and Layla to Ammit’s tomb, the last few minutes turn out to be the game-changer. 

After being shot by Arthur Harrow, Marc finds himself in a mental hospital surrounded by people he actually knows. While our hero and the fans were absorbing the plot twist, everybody gets a crack of thunder on their heads, when we see Arthur Harrow as a doctor operating the hospital. 

As the episode unwraps its final minutes, we see Steven and Marc in two separate bodies. But how is this even possible? Is it a dream or reality? Moreover, the introduction of a Hippopotamus-like creature at the end of the episode adds the last drop of a shock to the plot. So, here are some Moon Knight episode 5 leaks and spoilers. 

Moon Knight Episode 5 Leaks 

Moon Knight Episode 5 Leak
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Well, with the fourth episode turning the world upside down for the fans, it’s pretty complicated to conjecture what will happen next. Moreover, Aaron Moorhead, the co-director of the series has added the cherry on the cake revealing that the upcoming episodes will have more surprises. 

He said, “I think if you were surprised by episode 4, get ready to be surprised again by episodes 5 and 6. I know it just sounds like a nice little tag, but I promise you that’s actually the case.” 

So, what will actually happen in the upcoming episode of Moon Knight? Here are some incredible Moon Knight episode 5 leaks. 

Well, at this point in time it’s difficult to predict the exact plot. However, things are hinting at Arthur Harrow, the living evil in the Moon Knight series. We have already seen multiple times how the antagonist plays with the emotions and feelings of the people. 

So, it’s maybe Arthur Harrow playing a trap on Marc Spector creating a hallucinated environment of the mental asylum and introducing several shocking creatures such as the Hippopotamus, who is actually the Egyptian Goddess of birth and fertility. 

It may be possible that Arthur Harrow is simply playing with Marc’s damaged or disturbed mind. He is tripping him through his fantasies, with the sole aim to manipulate him into evilness. 

However, if you flip the other side of the coin and hail back to the Marvel comics to read Jeff Lemire’s run of Moon Knight, this setting will be familiar to you. The 2016 run of Moon Knight comics presents the same setting, where Marc awakes from his dream and finds himself in a mental asylum. However, when Marc deciphers the situation, he realizes the mastermind behind all this mess is Khonshu, who wanted to break Marc’s mind to take over his body. 

However, in Disney+ series, Khonshu is presently trapped. So, will the creators go on the way of the comics or will they present a twisted plot to surprise the fans again? Comment down your thoughts below. Make sure to stay tuned for more Moon Knight episode 5 leaks and spoilers in the future. Happy watching!! 

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