Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending Explained! Is Steven Really Dead?

The ultimate chaos is here. Disney+ has finally dropped the fifth episode of Moon Knight and it’s a blast. With Moon Knight episode 5, Oscar Isaac has once again proved why he is the perfect fit for the role. 

With a bunch of mysteries, and chaos rolled in a pinch of emotion, the latest Moon Knight episode has left the fans stunned. This week’s episode explores deeper into Marc Spector and Steven Grant’s past life, while Arthur Harrow tries to play with their mind. Moon Knight episode 5 brings a bunch of details wrapped in its sensational story. 

So, in case you are wondering what happened at the climax of the latest episode, no worries as Sassyshows is here at your service. Here is the complete Moon Knight episode 5 explained. 

Moon Knight Episode 5
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Moon Knight Episode 5 Explained 

Moon Knight episode 5 picks up the story from where the last episode left us. We hail back to the mental facility where Dr. Harrow is trying to deal with his mentally disturbed patient, Marc Spector. 

However, within the first few minutes of the episode, Marc pulls himself into a heated conversation with Harrow and picks up a glass pyramid threatening the doctor. However, within a blink, the security arrives and calms Marc with a strange injection. 

As he screams, the scene shifts to the place where Moon Knight episode 4 left us. We find Marc and Steven talking with the strange Hippopotamus-like creature. The latest episode introduces her as the Egyptian Goddess of pregnancy and birth, Taweret. 

Moon Knight Episode 5
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Tawaret reveals that the duo is actually dead, and it’s time to measure their deeds. They have officially entered the realm of the dead titled Duat and now their destiny will be decided by the weighing scale of Ammit. 

Suddenly the duo lands on a strange boat that hails to the Field of Reeds. As the episode progresses, Taweret pulls out the hearts of Steven and Marc to measure them on Ammit’s scale. However, due to the instability of scale, Taweret warns the duo to flush out every burden from their hearts. 

Marc and Steven then walk into the ward again but this time things were different. Every glass door in the ward replicated different phases or moments of Marc’s life. Suddenly, the duo enters a room or rather a cafeteria loaded with dead people, the people Marc killed while he was a mercenary. 

At the same time, Steven gets surprised to see the scale slowly balancing down. During his time, a child attracts Steven’s attention. While Steven asked Marc about the child, the latter advised him to stay out of the matter. 

However, out of curiosity Steven follows the child and lands in a flashback of Marc’s childhood. The fact that the child was his own brother surprises Steven and he further follows him. The younger Marc and his brother enter a cave, while it is raining outside. Here we see the usually calm Steven yell out as he witnesses his younger brother drowning. 

Meanwhile, Marc enters the room and witnesses his mother blaming younger Marc for the death of his brother. The scene followed a bunch of moments from Marc’s childhood. While Steven was trying to navigate deeper into his childhood, Marc drags him out of the room, and during a hassle, they enter another room. 

Here we find the story reweaves the moment when Marc got his powers from Khonshu. The duo enters a temple, where we see Marc, fighting death and finally Khonshu coming to the rescue and for the first time in the series we witness how Moon Knight was born. 

Finally, the scale starts to balance itself as both Marc and Steven discover themselves. Meanwhile, the duo requests Tawaret to help them reach the human world to release Khonshu and save the world. However, Taweret retaliates revealing that the duo has to balance their hearts to meet their goals. 

Meanwhile, Steven confronts Marc to tell him about his childhood. He wanted to know what actually happened to his mother. Marc turns violent as he recalls his memories and boom!!! We are back at the mental asylum with Dr. Harrow interrogating Marc. 

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Marc finally decides to unwrap the pages of his past and reveals his childhood to Steven. We are hailed back to a few moments of his childhood when a sacred Marc trying to escape the tortures of his mother hides in a locked room. At this point, Steven discovers that he is not his original personality. Marc made him hide all his pains and discomforts. The next scene features Marc’s mother physically assaulting his child as she blames Marc for his brother’s death. Marc finally confesses to Steven that his mother is dead. However, Steven refuses to accept the fact and turns violent and again we are back to the mental facility.

This time Dr. Harrow tries to convince Steven that his mother is dead and offers to call his mother. He finally picks the phone and gets the ultimate shock of his life. His mother is really dead. 

Suddenly, the plot shifts to a scene where Marc is standing outside his home during his mother’s funeral. Here Marc reveals that his mother’s death ignited the personality of Steven Grantt in his mind and body. As they are dealing with the grief, they are transported back to the ship of Taweret, where the Goddess reveals that the duo’s heart did not balance the scale and now it’s time for the undead to make their calls. 

While Marc tries his best to guard Steven against the undead, Steven ultimately jumps into the fight. In an attempt to save Marc, Steven slips off the ship and lands in the desert of the dead. Within a blink of an eye, Steven turns to a block of sand and Taweret reveals that the scale has finally balanced itself. 

Moon Knight Episode 5 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 5
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In the last few minutes of Moon Knight episode 5, we find Marc walking down a lane with sunlight kissing his face. So, is this the Fields of Reeds? Sadly, the episode ends with a cliffhanger. 

However, it may be possible that in the last episode of Moon Knight Season 1, we will see how Marc releases Khonshu and gets back his abilities. While he will surely be confronting Arthur Harrow to prevent the evil from meeting his desires and releasing Ammit. 

Fingers crossed and let’s hope something crazy hit our screens in the next episode of Moon Knight. 

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