Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date – When Is The Next Episode Of Moon Knight Coming Out? 

Things are really getting out of hand as Disney+ is dropping new episodes of its new superhero venture, Moon Knight. The third episode was bombastic and now the fans are craving to know the Moon Knight episode 4 release date. So, here is everything we know so far. 

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date
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It seems Marvel’s new superhero Moon Knight is twisting the future of MCU with a bunch of unexpected events. The third episode was breathtaking with several questions surrounding Layla, Arthur Harrow, Khonshu, Steven, Marc, and Moon Knight. 

So, when is the next episode of Moon Knight coming out? 

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date

Disney+ drops a new episode of Moon Knight every week. So, the new episode of Moon Knight will be premiering on April 20, 2022. 

Like the first three episodes, the fourth one will also debut at 12:00 A.M. PT and 3:00 A.M. ET. 

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Moon Knight Season 1?

Moon Knight Episode 4 Release Date

Unfortunately, we are already in the middle of Moon Knight season 1 as the first season will come up with only six episodes. 

So, are you excited for Moon Knight episode 4? Tell us what you expect from the new episode in the comment section. Happy watching!

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