Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Brings A Major Twist! Here Are The Details You Missed 

While the fans have been waiting for Doctor Strange 2 to dive into the world of madness, it seems Moon Knight Episode 4 brings the ultimate dose of madness for the fans. 

While the first 30 mins help the story to progress, the last ten minutes stun every viewer. With every new episode, things are getting more intense as a new mystery is wrapped and we know there are a bunch more to be unveiled. 

Moon Knight Episode 4
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Moon Knight episode 4 has been an absolute treat for the fans. Whether it’s sketching Marc’s connection with Layla’s father or ending up in a mental asylum, the plot has kept the fans hooked. So, in case you are confused about what actually happened in the last few minutes of Moon Knight episode 4, no worries, as Sassyshows is here to break it down for you. 

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Moon Knight Episode 4 Sneak Peek 

Moon Knight Episode 4
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Well, the first thirty minutes of the latest episode stretched the relationship between Marc, Steven, and Layla. While the duo goes on the journey to get their hands on the Ushabti, where Ammit is imprisoned. The plot unveils a shocking mystery both for Layla and the viewers revealing that Marc was involved in Layla’s father’s death. 

Thirty-five minutes down the fourth installment of Moon Knight, we see Marc getting his hands on the Ushabti. However, Arthur Harrow reaches the place with his men and shoots our hero. The creators have used some insane transitions here as Marc sinks into a golden pool of water. 

While things were clear at this point, the next moment the fans got the ultimate shock of their lives. Within a flash the setting changes and Marc finds himself in a clean and strange mental hospital, loaded with people Marc knows, including Layla. However, all these side characters were either orderlies or patients. 

Moon Knight Episode 4
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After a series of shocks, while the fans have been settling down, the worst is yet to come. Arthur Harrow out of nowhere jumps into the scene as the doctor operating the mental asylum and the one diagnosing Marc. 

So, what is all this mess? How is this even possible? If these questions are bothering you, we have the answer. 

For the Disney+ series viewers, this thing may be shocking as the scene changed out of nowhere. However, if we turn to the official Moon Knight comics, we find the same thing happening in Moon Knight issues #1-14 of the 2016 series. 

During this time of Moon Knight’s run, Marc finds himself in a mental hospital with all the people he actually knows. However, as the story proceeds, we find out that it was actually a hallucination created by Khonshu in order to get a better grip on Marc’s brain to influence or capture his body. 

Who Was That Hippo?

Moon Knight Episode 4
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The final moments of Moon Knight Episode 4 were truly confusing. While everything appeared strange, a Hippo-like creature jumping into the scene, out of nowhere added the cherry on the cake. So, who is this Hippo?

The Hippo-like creature introduced in the final moments is actually an ancient Egyptian ceremonial garb. She is Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of pregnancy or childbirth and fertility. She is the ultimate protector of children and mothers. 

Moon Knight episode 4 wraps up introducing Taweret as she sweetly says, “Hi” and both Marc and Steven scream out in fear. 

So, what do you think will happen in Moon Knight episode 5? Tell us in the comment box. 

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