Moon Knight Episode 2: Is Khonshu A Villain?

Moon Knight episode 2 is out and if you have already watched the latest installment, a number of questions may be storming into your mind. 

While we know Moon Knight got his powers due to Khonshu, the Egyptian god, the new episode has made his character a bit complicated. By the climax of the second episode, we find Khonshu blackmailing or manipulating Marc Spector to carry the responsibilities of Moon Knight.

Moon Knight Episode 2
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So, is Khonshu a villain who is using Marc to satisfy his own desires? Here is everything we know. 

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Moon Knight Episode 2 Reveals The True Identity Of Khonshu 

In Moon Knight Episode 2, we found Arthur Harrow revealing the truth about Khonshu, which shocked the fans. Arthur revealed he too used to be a puppet of Khonshu. The Egyptian God used him to meet his own objectives. 

Moreover, by the end of episode 2, we saw that Marc Spector is also trapped by Khonshu and he earnestly desires to live a free life. So, is Khonshu the real Moon Knight villain? Here is all we know. 

Moon Knight Episode 2
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Khonshu is one of the main antagonists of the Moon Knight series in the Marvel comics. He is known as the Egyptian God of Moon and he is the one who instilled supernatural abilities in Marc Spector. 

Khonshu is a major foe for the Avengers and he also served as the main antagonist in the Avengers chapter – Age of Khonshu and the Moon Knight series 2016. 

Khonshu found Marc Spector almost dead, and he instilled life and new powers in him, in exchange for being his avatar. Though Khonshu most of the time appeared to be a helping hand for Marc, in several cases, he turned into a villain when he tries to become more controlling over Marc. 

Moon Knight Episode 2

Moon Knight episode 2 has added a pinch of dark shade to Khonshu’s character. While the fans were expecting Arthur Harrow to be the main villain, the dark angle of Khonshu is also haunting them. 

So, who do you think will be the main Moon Knight villain in the MCU series? Comment down your thoughts. 

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