Moon Knight Comics Where To Start? Read Moon Knight Comics Free 

The story of Marc Spector from dealing with multiple personalities to turning into a street-level hero has already impressed the Disney+ audience. However, many fans want to explore more about the character. 

So, what can be a better option than the official Marvel comics? But Marvel has a huge collection of comics on the character. So, when it comes to Moon Knight comics where to start? Here are our top recommendations. 

Moon Knight Comics Where To Start
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Moon Knight Comics Where To Start?

The journey of Marc Spector from being a ruthless mercenary to the avatar of the Egyptian god, Khonsu has stunned the fans. So, if you are a Moon Knight lover who wants to explore deeper into the character, here are the Moon Knight comics you should read. 

Moon Knight Comics Where To Start
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The first Moon Knight comic book dropped back in 2014. Within a flash, the book turned out to be a fan favorite and brought in some jaw-dropping action scenes. So, if you are curious about where to start Moon Knight comics, the 2014 edition is our top recommendation. 

After you complete the 2014 edition, you can jump to the amazing 2016 series. Believe us, 2016 will keep you hooked up and you simply fall in love with the character. 

Moon Knight Comics Where To Start
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After 2016, the Moon Knight comics gradually increased its issue number. Moreover, in 2017, the comics went through a reboot with a new team, which made it a golden opportunity to start for the new readers. 

However, before you dive into the comics in 2017, we highly recommend reading the 2014 and 2016 series. 

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Read Moon Knight Comics Free 

Well, Marvel never disappoints its fans, the first two episodes of Moon Knight dropped on Disney+ have hidden comics in it. So, if you want to read Moon Knight comics free, here is all you need to know. 

Moon Knight Comics Where To Start

Moon Knight has taken the Easter eggs game to a new level, simply by adding free comic QR Codes to its episodes. 

The first two episodes of Moon Knight contain two QR Codes which when scanned will be redirecting the users to the free Moon Knight comics website. 

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