Mirio Quirk Explained: My Hero Academia Spoilers Reveal How Mirio Got His Quirk Back? 

Mirio Togata’s sudden appearance in Season 6 of My Hero Academia caught viewers off guard. As viewers may already be aware, Mirio is a talented young student who initially intended to succeed in All Might. 

Nevertheless, despite possessing a strong Quirk, he ultimately lost it throughout the Shie Hassaikai arc. By the start of My Hero Academia Season 6, Mirio appeared to be Quirkless.

A turning point in the Paranormal Liberation War occurred in Episode 12. When all hope appeared lost, Mirio eventually returned in Season 6 of My Hero Academia. 

Mirio Quirk explained in greater detail how this was accomplished in Episode 12.

Mirio Quirk Explained & Super Moves

Mirio Quirk Explained
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Mirio Togata has a variety of strange and unique abilities in My Hero Academia, but his Permeation Quirk and its associated Super Moves are among the most stunning. 

Although “Permeation” is regarded as one of the most brutal talents to master, Mirio was able to use it skillfully and gave it one of the most amazing Quirks on the show. Permeation is Mirio’s Quirk, which he received from his father. It enables Mirio to turn his entire body into the ethereal matter so he can phase through items and solid objects, allowing him to move quickly through battlefields and effortlessly avoid enemy strikes. 

The My Hero Academia Quirk “Permeation” is not the strongest or most unrestricted, as going through solid objects causes Mirio to lose his fundamental senses momentarily. Mirio’s quirk explained that being a less effective quirk still, he was able to make it one of the strongest in My Hero Academia.

How did Mirio lose his quirk in Hero Academia?

Mirio Quirk Explained
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Eri indirectly brought on Mirio’s loss of superpowers because Overhaul used her blood as a catalyst to make “Deleter Rounds” that could steal a target’s quirk. Lemillion asked if she could “rewind” the Paranormal Liberation War before it started because the young girl could do so when she focused on a person or thing. 

Fortunately, Eri has been working behind the scenes with Eraserhead to understand her abilities better. She has mastered them because she was able to raise Lemillion’s Quirk from the dead. Despite temporarily losing his powers, Mirio jumped in and engaged in battle with the League of Villains and the High-End Nomu in this most recent episode. Unfortunately, the struggle has yet to be won because some evil forces are still at work. 

My Hero Academia spoilers: Eri ultimately had a significant impact

Mirio Quirk Explained
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Eri has always been thankful to Mirio ever since he saved her from the Shie Hassaikai. Just so Eri wouldn’t experience more suffering than she already had, he gave up his powers. Thankfully, in Episode 12, she could pay it forward after several months of closely watched preparation. 

In My Hero Academia Season 6, Mirio can finally rediscover his inner hero. The best part is that he denied Midoriya’s offer to give him the OFA Quirk because he knew she could do it. 

In the remaining episodes of My Hero Academia Season 6, Mirio can finally move. Against Shigaraki and his remnant forces, the heroes could undoubtedly use some assistance.

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