Mila Kunis Revealed She Was Left With No Undergarments & Had To Wear Child’s Underpants!! But Why?

Mila Kunis is an American actress born on 14th August 1983. She started her career by playing Jackie Burkhart on the Fox television series at the age of 14 years in 1998. 

From 1999, she voiced Meg Griffin on the Fox animated series “Family Guy.” She made a breakout in a film by playing the role of Rachel in the romantic comedy movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” 

One of her outstanding achievements was the movie “Black Swan,” for which she also received many awards. 

She was also seen in successful films like “The Book of Eli,” “Friends with Benefits,” “Max Payne” and many more. The audience loves her and is always eager to see her work on the screen.

While she is enjoying an incredible journey in her career, she recently shared one of the strangest experiences. Here is all we know. 

Mila Kunis was left with no undergarments! But why? 

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is a star and keeps attending one or other celebrity shows. Recently, before a show “Kimmel Appearance,” Mila suspected a very unusual situation. 

While she was getting ready for the show, she discovered that the attire she would wear was not delivered completely. Undergarments were missing. 

Her bra, her underwear, and her socks were completely missing. This is something that she has never experienced before. Further, let’s find out how she reacted to such an incident.

Mila Kunis responds on her missing undergarments

Mila Kunis
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The reaction of Mila to this incident was something that no one accepted. She discussed this whole situation with Kimmel on the show. 

She further described that there was hardly any time to find alternatives after finding out about the absence of undergarments. So, she found out what was possible and improvised. 

She confessed that she wore her publicist bra, manager’s socks, and the costume department’s children’s leggings cut into underwear. Kunis was carrying a sheer dress, and making an appearance without the undergarments was not an option. 

Audience reaction to Mila Kunis’s response

Mila Kunis
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The audience response to Mila Kunis was something unusual. They started booing her. 

Mila replied and asked them to relax. She further said that she was here for them. There was an option that she could have postponed or delayed the show, but her love for her fans didn’t let her do it. 

The crowd was pretty surprised after her response. Their love for her even increased after seeing her bold reaction.

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