Migos Takeoff Killed: Is His Death An Accident Or Planned? 

According to the entertainment website TMZ, the rapper Takeoff, a member of the Grammy-nominated hip-hop group Migos takeoff was killed on Tuesday at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas. 

The news quoting ‘Migos Takeoff killed” went viral and the fans are showering their best wishes and support to the Rapper’s near and dear ones. So, how did Takeoff die? 

Migos Takeoff Killed!! 

Migos Takeoff Killed
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Age-wise, he was 28. He played dice at 2:30 a.m. with fellow Migos member Quavo when he was born Kirshnik Khari Ball, according to TMZ. 

The victim’s identification won’t be released until the family has been notified, according to Houston police, who reported a gunshot overnight and found one individual deceased at the scene. 

According to authorities, two other shooting victims were driven to nearby hospitals in private automobiles. TMZ reports that Quavo was unharmed. Around 50 people were at the bowling alley when the shooting occurred, according to a report by Fox5. 

The source added that two additional persons were hurt and receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital. The police have not yet provided any details on the suspects. 

Takeoff had shared a picture of himself at the bowling alley on his Instagram account some hours before the shooting. The day before, according to the Fox5 source, he had launched the music video for his brand-new song, “Messy.”

Who was Takeoff?

Migos Takeoff Killed
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Takeoff, born on June 18, 1994, is most known for being a member of the rap group Migos with his uncle Quavo and his first cousin once removed, Offset, who is currently married to Cardi B. 

The Atlanta-based Migos gained fame because of Drake’s remix of their 2013 smash song “Versace,” which went viral. Takeoff, a famous US rapper from the group Migos takeoff killed in Houston, Texas, at the age of 28.

In 1994, Takeoff was conceived in Lawrenceville, Georgia. He was raised by Quavo’s mother, Edna, alongside his uncle, who is only three years old. He started rapping at a young age. 

Joe Coscarelli claims in his book Rap Capital: An Atlanta Story that Takeoff, out of the three members of Migos, “put the earliest hours into the craft of rapping” and was greatly influenced by Lil Wayne’s rap group the Hot Boys as well as the Tupac, Biggie, and OutKast albums they would purchase at the local flea market.

Life and career of Takeoff

Migos Takeoff Killed
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The 2016 Lil Uzi Vert-produced song Bad and Boujee is what made Migos famous. Other Top 10 songs by the group include MotorSport with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B and Walk It Talk It with Drake. 

(Although Takeoff is listed as a member of Migos, he doesn’t appear in the song or the music video for Bad and Boujee.)

Takeoff has one album as a solo artist (2018’s The Last Rocket, which debuted at No. 4 in the US) and one record as a duo (Only Built for Infinity Links, released last month) alongside Quavo. 

A woman who claimed that the rapper had sexually battered her at a party in Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against Takeoff in August 2020. 

The rapper was the subject of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, but the district attorney’s office chose not to pursue charges due to a shortage of evidence.

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