Vincent D’Onofrio Revealed Iron-Man & Hugh Jackman Inspired Him To Play An MCU Villain!!

MCU Villain

Vincent D’Onofrio, the man who took the role of Kingpin to a new level revealed his major inspirations to enter the Marvel world. In a recent interview, Vincent D’Onofrio revealed that it was his colleagues, the X-Men star, Hugh Jackman, and Robert Drowney Jr. aka Iron-Man who encouraged him to play an MCU villain’s character.

On top of that, he also revealed some shocking conversations with them. Curious to know what? Here is everything we know. 

Back in 2015, Vincent D’Onofrio made his official Marvel debut stepping into the Netflix Reckless series. With his incredible acting abilities, Vincent D’Onofrio stunned every Marvel fan. The viewers were simply astonished to witness him flawlessly playing the role of a villain in MCU.

But, for over 6 years he remained off-screen and did not step up in any Marvel venture. So, finally, after a long wait, Vincent D’Onofrio is gearing up to make a booming comeback in Hook Reenactment as Wilson Fisk, a hidden villain. 

Vincent D’Onofrio Says Hugh Jackman Encouraged Him To Play A Villain In MCU!!

MCU Villain

In a recent interview, Kingpin star Vincent D’Onofrio revealed how he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said it was X-Men’s Hugh Jackman who motivated him to step into MCU as a villain. 

In the latest Marvel News Desk podcast, Vincent D’Onofrio recalled a few moments with Hugh Jackman. He revealed, “The only thing that was on my radar at that point of time when it came to the superhero world was Iron-Man.”

He further added, “I think I was actually with X-Men’s star, Hugh Jackman as he was at my place ‘cause our kids went to the same school, and we were relaxing at my patio… and I exclaimed, “This superhero stuff is turning out to be explosive,” and he said, “Yes!” And I am like you know one day I would love to play the character of one of those baddies threatening the superheroes and I think I will be the best at the role.

Hugh quickly exclaimed, “Yeah! I could think of it too.” “He then encouraged me to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that boosted my confidence.”

Vincent D’Onofrio Says Iron-Man Is His Inspiration!! | MCU villain

One more name Vincent D’Onofrio mentioned in his statement is Iron-Man aka Robert Downey Jr. He said, “The only thing that was on my radar at the point when it comes to some true superhero pieces of stuff was Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron-Man’s performance in all of his Marvel ventures which I believed to be incredibly impressive. It made me think (about superhero films) for the first time…” 

Vincent D’Onofrio debuted as a shadowy character in the Marvel series, Daredevil 2015. His entry into the MCU world was a boom, and the fans showered their positive reviews and the critics too praised him for his performance.

However, with the rumors floating around that Kingpin’s character may make a comeback, the fans were pretty excited. So, finally, the fans were treated with the appearance of Kingpin in the latest Hawkeye series that dropped in 2021.

Kingpin majorly appeared at the climax of the Hawkeye series where he was found shot in the face by Echo/Maya Lopez when she got the news that Kingpin was behind his father’s death. But, one thing that disturbed the viewers is why would Marvel Studios introduce the characters of Kingpin after so long, it planned to wipe him off from the scenes? This has led to several fan theories and rumors around Vincent D’Onofrio’s character in MCU. 

So, what’s the fate of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin’s character? Will he make a comeback in the upcoming Daredevil movie or does MCU have other plans for the character? Fingers crossed and let’s hope MCU re-introduces the character in a new way in the future. 

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