Massive Attack on Titan Eren: From the starting Eren was playing Zeke 

Attack on Titan Eren

In the Season 4 of Attack on Titan, Eren finally revealed the reason behind his horrific actions. 

Alert – The following content can be a spoiler for you for Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19, “Two Brothers. Which is now streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. 

For as long as the Eren Jaeger and his brother Zeke have been trying to carry out the Euthanasia Plan in Attack on Titan, Eren’s friends and we as the audience have been wondering and waiting eagerly to know why Eren would ever go along with such a horrible plan.

Attack on Titan Eren
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And towards the end of Season 4, Episode 19, “Two Brothers,” this question was finally answered by revealing that Eren had just been using Zeke to unlock the Founding of Titan’s power for his own purposes. Eren was completely committed to fooling everyone, even going as far as killing innocents, and also was betraying his friends and comrades.

Eren’s surprising behavior 

 It actually never made sense that Eren would use the Founding Titan’s powers to strip Eldians of their ability to reproduce. Eren has always only wanted freedom for himself and his friends and now he is forcing his own people to go extinct, even peacefully, couldn’t be further from freedom.

Attack on Titan Eren

And Eren was so convincing that he had gone even bad that the Survey Corps plotted to have him eaten and to remove the Founding Titan from his grasp. While Armin had to convince Eren’s closest remaining friends that Eren wouldn’t do all things to them. 

Eren’s horrible actions turned out to be a gain for Zeke 

In the Attack on Titan Eren, surprisingly all the Eren’s horrible actions were done to gain Zeke’s trust to such an extent that Zeke would help him unlock the Founding Titan’s power. This was the turning point in the Attack on Titan Eren episode.

Eren held the Founding Titan and Zeke had the royal blood, so it was only possible because of their togetherness that they could unleash the Founder’s power.

Attack on Titan Eren

Whatever Eren’s endgame is, he has left nothing to stop him from accomplishing his mission, alienating his friends and allowing Paradise Island to believe he had betrayed them.

And subsequently, Eren started believing that he and Zeke unlocked the Founding Titan,and he could do whatever he wanted, regardless of Zeke’s participation.


The preview for the next episode indicates that Eren and Zeke will be taken to a literal trip down memory lane. And to know the next episode in detail you can visit our website. Here, you can stay updated about all the episodes of Attack on Titan Season 4 in detail.


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