Marvel Writer Unveils The Shocking Mystery Of Doctor Strange Third Eye In Multiverse Of Madness!! 

While the fans were thrilled to witness MCU Dr. Strange unleashing this third eye, Marvel’s writer unveiled the real mystery. So, what’s the matter with Doctor Strange third eye? Sassyshows is here with the complete news. 

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With the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, moviegoers worldwide are getting a taste of some of the most frightening sequences in any MCU film ever created. 

The inclusion of the Illuminati and a darker Doctor Strange with a third eye on his forehead has been a heavy emphasis on supernatural aspects across the MCU.

The core premise of Doctor Strange 2 centered around the Darkhold’s power over Wanda Maximoff. Subsequently, she was changed into the Scarlet Witch and dispatched on a multiverse-wide quest for her children. To encourage America Chavez to trust in her talents and overcome the Darkhold, Doctor Strange had to dream walk into America Chavez Doctor Strange’s corpse.

Sinister Strange gained his own Third Eye on his forehead during his stay with the Book of the Damned, which was exposed in the film’s concluding scenes. 

Strange’s visit to the Darkhold had a similar result. Fans were stunned to see MCU Doctor Strange third eye at the climax of the movie. However, recently Marvel writer made a shocking revelation about the unexpected twist. So, here is all we know about Doctor Strange third eye. 

Mystery Behind Doctor Strange Third Eye Revealed!! 

The last sequence of Doctor Strange, in which Strange gets a third eye inserted in his forehead, was discussed by writer Michael Waldron.

Regarding the film’s joyful finale, writer-director Waldron told Rolling Stone that it “had an unexpected happy ending,” which was more shocking than expected for a movie with so much bad stuff.

Wong cautions Strange about the perils of his irresponsible behavior in the new Doctor Strange, an homage to classic horror films such as The Shining’s “The Bill Comes Due” and Baron Mordo’s “The Bill Comes Due” in the original.

Doctor Strange Third Eye
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What Does Strange’s Future Hold?

At the film’s climax, Doctor Strange, one of Marvel Comics’ most bizarre characters, receives a miraculous new eyeball growing from his forehead. In this sequel, named Multiverse of Madness, Dr. Strange used his darkest magics in the Darkhold to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing.

Fans are eager to see how Doctor Strange Third Eye will influence his path in future sequels and Avengers-style team-up films. 

Doctor Strange’s return to the Dark Dimension will offer him an even greater feeling of power and vision as he collaborates for the first time with Clea, his wife from the Doctor Strange comics. 

On a personal level, he will confront a new task in battling the relentless evil inside him while yet wanting to do what is best for the planet and the Multiverse. 

Will There Be Doctor Strange 3? 

Doctor Strange Third Eye
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Well, there will surely be the third installment of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange 3 might debut in the upcoming years as Stephen Strange’s chapter is not closed yet.

However, the MCU has a lot of other projects to finish first, including the Fantastic Four and Blade reboots, as well as Captain America 4 and Deadpool 3. If Stephen Strange wants another solo feature, he’ll have to wait in line, but he’s never been one to shy away from a little deception.

So, hope you got a brief on Doctor Strange third eye and what the future holds for him. Follow us for more interesting articles. 

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