Marvel What If Season 2 release date is out: Here is everything you need to know!

As we all know, What if? It is an animated series launched by Marvel, currently streaming on Hot-star. 

The series contains information on the possibilities that can happen in the multiverse. 

In simple words, the series includes the chances of the events that no one had to imagine, as we all know that the multiverse concept is getting normal in the MCU. 

The character’s characters’ storyline is also starting to catch up. Fans are already excited after hearing the What If Season 2 release date is San Diego Comic Con 2022, and we can’t wait to watch it on the screen.

Marvel What If season 2 release date:

Marvel What If Season 2 release date
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Marvel just revealed the What If season 2 release date in a Twitter post. 

In the position, it was mentioned that the season will hit the screens in the first quarter of 2023. 

Fans are quite excited after knowing this. Previously, in What If? Multiple possibilities were shown, such as the transformation of Doctor Strange into Evil strange and the story of Wanda-Vision, all were there. The same level was reflected in Doctor Strange and Multiverse Madness. 

A theory among fans has been heard that the resemblance of What If? Stories with upcoming Marvel movies are quite high. 

Characters in Marvel What If season 2

Marvel What If Season 2 release date
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As we all know that the Marvel What If season 2 release date is revealed, and the enthusiasm among the horde is already high. 

The crowd is very excited to know which character will be a part of this series. Previously, in Marvel What If? Series, characters like Peggy took super soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers; Doctor Strange turned into evil strange under the effect of the Darkholde. 

The nine-episode series had several knocks on the MCU, with multiple What If? Incidents. Now for season 2, there is a possibility that the MCU will take the current phase heroes like Shang-chi: The Legend of Ten Rings, Wand-Vision, and several others into alternate timelines. 

Marvel What If Season 2 release date and its future:

With the reveal of the What If season 2 release date, the franchise has confirmed that season 3 will also happen. 

The date and release date are still quite unsure. What If? The MCU has always amazed us with a combination of existing heroes and their roles in alternate timelines. 

Marvel What If Season 2 release date
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Imagine what would happen if Spider-Man joined the Fantastic four? 

What if Captain America never disappeared during the time of World War 2? 

We can expect such things because something similar to this has already happened. Like in “Spiderman Far from Home,” the reunion of Sam Raimi’s Spider man and Amazing Spiderman has already surprised us. Much more is awaited in this new phase of MCU. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates.

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