Marvel Thunderbolts Movie Reportedly In Production!! Here Is Thunderbolts Release Date & More 

Finally, Marvel is gearing up for a gigantic project. Its super-secret venture, ‘Thunderbolts’ has received a huge update. So, make sure to read the complete article to know everything about the Marvel Thunderbolts movie

So, all Marvel fans, grab a cup of coffee as this article is going to be super-interesting and we bet you won’t regret reading it. 

Marvel Thunderbolts Movie Is Coming Soon!! 

Marvel Thunderbolts Movie
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As per the latest leaks from our sources, Marvel Studios has boarded in Jake Schreier as the director of its next epic project, Thunderbolts. Black Widow scribe Eric Pearson is weaving the script of the movie, with active assistance from the Marvel boss, Kevin Feige. 

So, what is Thunderbolts release date, and who will be in? Read on to know more. 

Marvel Thunderbolts Movie Is In Production!! 

With the leaks of Thunderbolts coming out, a bunch of rumors were looming around the internet. While most of the updates were fan-made, a big leak coming out from trusted sources revealed that the Marvel Thunderbolts movie is in the production stage. 

The Marvel crew and cast are working hard to frame something epic, something that fans have never witnessed before. So, fans, are you ready to witness the ultimate ride of madness? 

Thunderbolts Release Date 

Marvel Thunderbolts Movie
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As of now, there is no release date for the Marvel Thunderbolts movie. The officials have just offered a sneak peek of their plans. But they have not yet confirmed anything about the movie’s progress. Moreover, this year Marvel is showering movies and series on the fans. There are still a bunch of Marvel films and shows in the pipeline. So, if the production has begun, we cannot expect the new movie to drop before 2023 end or early 2024. 

Thunderbolts Plot – What To Expect?

Marvel Thunderbolts Movie
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Till now, nothing much is out about the Marvel Thunderbolt movie. However, if we go with the leaks and the Marvel comic, the new movie will surround a group of deadly villains who are on a mission, backed by the government. 

If you are wondering which character will be the part of the Thunderbolts, unfortunately, we don’t have any updates on that too. However, if we look at the Marvel comics, Thunderbolts include – Taskmaster, Atlas, Ghost, Songbird, Moonstone, Fixer, and more. 

So, if MCU goes with the comics, we will see these new characters. Make sure to stay tuned, as we will be sharing all the hot updates on the new Marvel venture. 

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