Marvel Echo Series Reveals The Appearance Of A Surprising Character!! 

Superheroes have always been a part of fantasy and imagination—but not until recently Marvel introduced these larger-than-life characters so widely. 

Marvel has taken these fantasies a step further by creating an entire universe of superheroes (well, several universes, actually)! 

As the new Marvel Echo series is about to release in 2023, everyone is wondering if Jessica Jones will make an appearance in it. Some believe it is a rumor, but how much is true? 

New Marvel Echo Series Sneak Peek

Marvel Echo Series
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Echo is an upcoming American web television series based on the Marvel Comics superhero. The series is a Spinoff to the series Hawkeye & is the twenty-fifth television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Phase Four’s final installment. 

The story centers on Maya Lopez. Maya is trying to deal with her past & to do so, she travels back to her hometown. 

But the massacre she has caused follows her into her hometown & now she has to face her demons. As there has been no detailed announcement about the plot, we can’t tell what this series will endeavor on us. 

Jessica Jones’s appearance in the Marvel Echo series

Marvel Echo Series
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According to rumors, Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney original series Echo could pave the way for Krysten Ritter’s return to Jessica Jones.

Based on James Clement’s report in The Weekly Planet, we have learned that Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) will participate in at least four episodes of Daredevil. 

If you were watching the series Hawkeye on Disney Hotstar, you might remember that he was shot in the head by Kate Bishop.

So logic would dictate that he’ll be wearing an eye patch for his injury within the next few episodes. 

According to other sources, we have noticed Daredevil is going to be rocking a red and black suit that resembles the Ultimate Spider-Man costume that premiered in the cartoon series.

Marvel Echo Series

Clement says that there is an intention of bringing back Jessica Jones in the future. However, Ritter’s private investigator will not necessarily be in the Marvel series Echo. There is also still uncertainty about whether or not the show will keep the continuity of Daredevil and Jessica Jones’ respective Netflix shows.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones premiered in November of 2015, with actress Krysten Ritter starring in the title role. She plays a former superhero that decides to quit her heroic ways and become a private investigator in New York City. 

Since this is a show within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, several other characters from their films also appear (including Jennifer Garner as cameo-turned-supporting character Elektra).


So there has been no confirmation of the involvement of Jessica Jones in the upcoming Marvel Echo series. 

After Charlie returned to the role of Matt Murdock in Marvel Studios’ MCU-set Spider-Man, and many others have returned to Marvel Studios, there is a possibility that Jessica could return to a Marvel future film or series.

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