Marvel Director Revealed Shocking Detail About The Moon Knight Series!! Why Is Marvel Doing This To The Fans?

It’s Wednesday, but there is no Marvel show to entertain us. Season 1 of the Moon Knight series finally wrapped up last week delivering only six episodes.

While the fans were disappointed at the length of the season, Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab came up with a shocking update that blew their mind. Here is everything we know. 

Moon Knight Series Took Disney+ By Storm!! 

Moon Knight Series
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While other Marvel series like Wanda Vision and Hawkeye was a breeze, the Moon Knight series turned out to be a storm for Disney+.

The new Marvel superhero has created a buzz on social media and across all Marvel forums. The multi-layered performance of Oscar Isaac took the show to a new level, while the supporting actors too did their jobs perfectly. 

The journey of a man dealing with dissociative identity disorder to one of the strongest Marvel heroes, Moon Knight impressed the fans. Last week, the Moon Knight series dropped its final and the strongest episode that was loaded with ups and downs.

However, many fans are pretty upset due to the short length of Moon Knight Season 1. They are excited to explore deeper into Marc’s different personality, while the introduction of Layla as Scarlet Scarab added the cherry on the cake. 

Moon Knight Series
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Marvel fans are clamoring for more episodes and Moon Knight Season 2 is trending on social media.

Recently, when the Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab was questioned about the short season and the possibility of season 2, he dropped a shocking statement!! Here is what he revealed. 

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Moon Knight Director Revealed A Shocking Statement About The Series!! 

In a recent interview, when the Moon Knight director was questioned on the short length of the Moon Knight series, he said, “Marvel Studios cut off a bunch of scenes from the Moon knight series which would have given the audience goosebumps.” 

Moon Knight Series
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He further said, “The irony is that my favorite scene of his got cut. It was in episode six. As great as everything else was, he topped it with something even better. He confronted his mom in a white void, and he was going back and forth between Marc and Steven. And oh my god! That scene itself is an Oscar-worthy performance.” “Hopefully, Marvel releases that scene one day because Oscar was a genius.” 

Moon Knight Series
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The same happened with MCU’s latest movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where Marvel Studios cut over 40-minutes of the movie. It squeezed out many of the important scenes. So, why is Marvel doing this to the fans? Are there any bigger plans in its bucket?

Well, as of now, we don’t know. But it would have always been better if season 1 of the Moon Knight series came with at least 7 to 8 episodes. 

What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comment box. Happy Watching!! 

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