We bet Maitland Ward Boy Meets World’s net worth will make you swoon!!

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We love you guys so much that we just can’t even wait for a second to share anything trending that we have come to know. And this time, it’s about the Maitland Ward Boy Meets World Character, and we are going gaga about it. Are you ready? Keep reading…

So what’s Boy Meets World all about?

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

With 8.1/10 IMDB ratings, this show is loved by many fans for obvious reasons. Boy meets world is an American coming-of-age sitcom created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, aired on ABC for seven seasons between September 1993 and May 2000. The series centered on Cory Matthews and his friends and family as he progresses from childhood to adulthood! 

How much we love an adolescent with two siblings tests his various theories about life as he endures the trail of growing up alongside a good friend! 

And boom, who’s this new character in the series getting all the attention these days?

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

Yes, peeps, meet Maitland Ward Boy Meets World. The sitcom series was already a super hit in the 90s. Maitland had played Rachael Mcguire on the show from 1998 to 2000. She had approximately appeared in around 45 episodes in the two years. 

What? Maitland Ward Boy Meets Girl X- Rated career has done what?

Yes, guys, her x-rated career is giving her six figures monthly. She had made an excellent living for herself.

Her acting gigs and adult work are just impeccable. We are amazed to read that her net worth is around 2 Million. 

How does Maitland make such high money?

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World
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She has multiple sources of income. Right from acting to the social paying platform Patreon to performing in adult films, her fans are crazy for her! 

The only fan thing is making her mint money like crazy. She also revealed it’s more than anything she had made to date.

What? Really? Maitland Ward’s Boy Meets World would be starring in her new comedic sitcom, ” The Big Time” very soon.

She shares that she never had the idea of making her career. 

But soon, it just started slowly. When she was once doing cosplay, which she loves doing, people started giving it a lot of attention, and soon, it became a living for her in no time. Did you know she was an exhibitionist because she loved dressing up? 

She was also amazed by the support she got from her co-stars of Boy Meets World for her adult films. Isn’t that amazing? 


You can thank us later for knowing these fantastic facts about Maitland Ward’s Boy Meets World. Comment below what you think about her, and don’t forget to follow us! Stay tuned; we’ll be back soon! 

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