Luffy One Piece: 12 Strongest Power-Ups of Monkey D. Luffy, Ranked

In One Piece, Luffy has gained a number of amazing power-ups throughout the course of his journey. Luffy one piece is insanely powerful. His power-ups have made him an incredibly powerful pirate and one that is not to be taken lightly. 



Here, we will rank Luffy’s 5 strongest power-ups according to their overall impact on the story and Luffy’s ability to overcome challenges. Let’s take a look at these incredible power-ups!

Top 5 Luffy One Piece Power-Ups

5. Gear Second

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This power-up was Luffy’s first major increase in strength and it allowed him to take on much stronger opponents. By using his blood flow to dramatically increase the speed of his attacks, Luffy one piece is able to unleash powerful combos that can easily overwhelm weaker enemies. 

While it does not have as much impact on the story as some of his other power-ups, Gear Second is still a very important part of Luffy’s arsenal.

4. The Gum Fruit/Gomu Gomu no Mi

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Luffy’s signature Devil Fruit ability has given him unparalleled strength and agility since he first acquired it over two years ago. With this fruit, Luffy is able to stretch any part of his body like rubber,  allowing him to survive falls from incredible heights, bounce off enemies and walls with great force, and even stretch his limbs to extreme lengths. 

3. Nightmare Luffy 

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This power-up was first seen during the Thriller Bark arc, where Luffy was infected with a strange virus that turned him into a monstrous being known as Nightmare Luffy. While in this form, Luffy’s strength and durability were increased to incredible levels, making him strong enough to take on Bartholomew Kuma head-on. 

2. Gear Third (Post-Timeskip)

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During the time skip, Luffy underwent some serious training with Silvers Rayleigh in order to get stronger. As a result, he developed a new technique known as Gear Third, which allows him to inflate his body like a balloon and deliver powerful punches. 

1. Gear Fourth: Snakeman

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Gear Fourth is Luffy’s strongest technique, and he achieved it during the Dressrosa arc. By biting his thumb and rubbing blood across his arm, Luffy is able to enter a form known as Gear Fourth: Snakeman. In this form, Luffy’s limbs become long and snake-like, giving him increased reach and power. 

We know Luffy one piece’s power has impressed you. So, what’s your favorite power-up of Luffy? Let us know in the comment section. 

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