Legend Dragon Ball Movie Is The Coolest DBZ Film!! Here’s Why?

Legend Dragon Ball has created a buzz on the Internet. So, how do you watch the complete fan movie for free? Here is all we know. 

The majestic creation of Mr. Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball Z, is the one anime series that has continued its existence for almost three decades. The first series of DBZ hit the screen around 1984 and has never failed to amaze us since then.

Thanks to Toonami, which has helped the DragonBall and DragonBall Z, both the franchises in airing worldwide during the 90s. The cult of Dragon Ball has always increased with a major rise recently, especially with its new theatrical movie, hitting the screen in August. Let’s find out more about this new Legend, Dragon Ball Z.

The creators of the Legend Dragon Ball Z:

Legend Dragon Ball
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This new series was expected to be the creation of Mr. Akira Toriyama. However, it turned out to be something different. Originally, this new anime was created by the Studio Stray Dog animation and was directed by Naseer Pasha. 

Pasha is also famous for his work in the upcoming Ninja Turtles flick, hitting Netflix next month. The Legend Dragon Ball Z trailer dropped on YouTube a few days back and has captured a great amount of attention. The film is short and simple. In the movie Vegeta (Jordan Wollen, the voice of Goku is also played by him) lands on earth in search of Goku, just shortly after Broly (Jason Alexander Sukhram) makes the appearance. 

At the length of Ten minutes, Legend was able to seize the essence of the source material from Goku, not able to understand how he was able to capture the Wrath of Chi-Chi (Elsie Lovelock) to the glorious fight scenes, and even the way Wollen pronounce “Kakarot” gave us a feeling of Nostalgia. The property completely makes this short movie of fans. 

The message of the Director of the Legend Dragon Ball Z:

At the start of the trailer, Naseer Pasha placed a message, telling us that the whole movie is completely the property of the audience. 

In this message, Pasha expresses that the film is dedicated to every child who has dreamt of training into the earth’s 100th-time gravity, to every person who has paused the show to carve out its favourite character; this movie is a token of appreciation to Mister Akira Toriyama, who has always amazed us with his extraordinary imagination.

Legend Dragon Ball
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After reading it, the message was very touchy, and every ’90s fan felt somewhat nostalgic about it. In the statement revealed in the credits, Pasha also states that the Legend Dragon Ball Z movie took four years to complete, and every staff in the team did this out of their love for Dragon Ball. 

Lastly, Pasha also told that he got Patreon for this and hopes his work always gets supported by the audience.

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