Last of Us Trailer: 7 Things That Stunned The Viewers!! 

Last of Us was first introduced back in 2013. It was first introduced as a game on PlayStation 3. 

The game has finally decided to enter the tv series stream and has released the trailer for the same. 

The Last of Us trailer is loaded with amazing stuff. While some are super entertaining, a few things are terribly shocking. So, here are the top 7 things in the Last of Us trailer that shocked the fans…

7 Things In Last Of Us Trailer That Shocked Fans

The Quarantine Zone 

Last of Us Trailer
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After the Brutal Heart Wretch opening of the Last of Us, we see how society looks after 20 years of Outbreak. 

The game starts with us walking around the zone, and suddenly a blast happens where randomly, your backpack comes out of nowhere. 

We start moving around to find out what’s happening and where the original games start. The aspect is expected to be covered in the Series.

The museum encounter in the Last of Us Trailer

Last of Us Trailer
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We are already surviving amidst the Outbreak, and we find out what humanity’s efforts made towards survival. The moment was exceptionally touchy as we can see the whole history of past years and the leftovers of what happened with them. The trailer has assured us that the same museum will be covered in the Series. 

The Complicated Fireflies

Fireflies is a group that intends to prove themselves above the US government. This will be a part of the Series. 

Car Crash

Last of Us Trailer
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A car crash is supposed to happen in every game to make it enjoyable. And Last of Us has taken care of it. In the game and the trailer, we can see that a car crash has happened to depict that the Series is trying to cover all aspects of the game.

Joel’s watch in the Last of Us trailer

Last of Us Trailer
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One of the most heart-breaking movements of the game was its opening, where Joel’s daughter gave him a watch that seemed to survive even after twenty years. 

The watch was broken and was of no use, but one can feel an attachment of Joel to it as for him, his whole life was paused, and he has not moved a single step from the moment of his daughter’s death. 

The Series will also follow the footsteps of it, which will make the audience quite excited.

The Outskirts

After meeting up with Ellie, Joel, and Tess, a move must be made through Boston’s remnants. Two significant buildings come to notice. 

One was stable, and the other was weak. Also, the weaker tower leaned towards the stable one. The same tower will be seen in the Series also. 

Last of Us Trailer
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Ellie’s descent into violence in the Last of Us Trailer

The horrific incidents going around, along with the trauma of her own, have made Ellie’s life more difficult. The Series will cover this in detail. 

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