Kurama and Naruto Friendship Timeline

Kurama is one of the main characters in the Naruto universe, and He is mainly known as a Nine-tailed beast. Naruto and Kurama are best friends from the start. Kurama has seen Naruto’s ups and downs throughout his journey. He has seen naruto go from a Chunin who can not even perform basic Justu’s to becoming the strongest shinobi the world has ever seen.

Kurama and Naruto Friendship Timeline

Their bond has never been the same. Their friendship started with a bitter start and later became one of the strongest bonds in the show. Let’s see their timeline throughout the years.
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Naruto and Kurama’s Bitter Start

Naruto has to suffer a lot for being a Jinchuriki of the nine tails early. Kurama even didn’t like to be put inside a child’s body. Kurama was a raged beast at the time, and he many times tried to make Naruto lose his temper. Their relation was bittersweet throughout the years. Both didn’t like each other’s company at the start.

We have seen many incidents where Kurama has tried to gain Naruto’s consciousness in the raged state, but Naruto has managed to control his temper at the last moments, and sometimes his friends came through for a helping hand.

Naruto did not have an idea of a caged Nine tails in his belly, and Kurama hated to be locked in again, but Naruto has managed to change Kurama with his charm and never give up his personality.

Naruto changes Kurama

After the pain arc, Naruto lost his patience and went into full rage mode. Naruto managed to gain his conscience, and he promised Kurama to take out the hate in him.

The Great Ninja War has shown us many sad times, but It also showed the tailed beast’s feeling and how Naruto managed to take out the hate in Kurama. Naruto not only firstly defeats Kurama for gaining his powerful chakra but then makes him his alley. Fans loved every bit of the Great Ninja War, especially the changed Kurama.

Kurama In Boruto

There are many changed things in Boruto from Naruto, which fans are not ready to accept. But some things are the same the bond that Naruto and Kurama have shared, with each other power combined, is one force to be reckoned with by everyone. The episode where Kurama watched over Kawaki while Naruto slept. Kurama confronts him and tells Kawaki Naruto’s story and struggles made us emotional.

Kurama is a proud friend of naruto who has seen a young shinobi living his dream of becoming a Hokage and having a real family and friends he loves.

Kurama and Naruto’s Last Moments

Here comes the most painful part. In the fight with Jigen, Jigen thrashes Naruto and Sasuke mercilessly, and Naruto’s best friend, Kurama, cannot see his friend’s state, so he Gives Naruto Baryon Mode. This power made Jigen look like a fly, Jigen could not even land one proper attack once naruto went under this form, but this power took a significant sacrifice: our Nine-Tailed beast, Kurama.

The last moments of Naruto and Kurama have made every eyes water as they were showing all the bittersweet memories of them together. Naruto has to suffer a lot in becoming a Hokage, and here comes more suffering after achieving his dreams.

Rumors are stirring, and fans believe that Kurama will come back. Let us know what you think about Naruto and Kurama’s relationship, Also will Kurama be back? Tell us in the comment section.

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