Why Do Fans Love Seeing Kirari Momobani As A Main Efficacious Antagonist?

Kirari Momobani is the primary antagonist of the series: Compulsive Gambler and Kakegurui Twin. She’s the impeccably invincible 105th Student Council President at Hyakkaou Private Academy and the one responsible for the current system within the school. She’s also the current head of The Hundred Devouring Families, which are aligned with the powerful family of Yumeko Jabami. 

Yes, she had also defeated the former President in a high-stakes game two years before the story. 

Though the character has a bunch of loopholes, why do fans love watching Kirari Momobani as an antagonist? Here is all we know. 

Let’s talk about Kirari Momobani’s appearance 

Kirari Momobani
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OMG, she had an attractive personality, light skin tone, and was an average height girl. The long grey hair in anime with ribbons entwined and the squares bangs with cheek-length locks on either side. 

Her gorgeous blue eyes would make anyone melt. The matching blue lipstick and painted nails were something that not everyone could carry, but she did! 

After all, what makes her a compelling antagonist?

Fans finally got to see the gambling world between Kirari Momobomi and the Hyakkaou Private Academy. She’s the sole main reason behind every character’s motivation. And how can we forget, she’s such a powerful character—Even you guys, agree?

Did you know Kirari Momobomi gambled with life?

As everyone knows, she’s responsible for the infamous house pet system. Anyone who lost a gambling match was considered to be a house pet and was mistreated—How much we hated seeing that. Kirari was a nature enthusiast and had also won a single gambling bet against the former President. 

She is not only an incarnation of Gambling but has been a trained leader since birth. She’s a compulsive gambler and not only gambled in games but rather in constant life and business transactions that usually benefited her, too. We loved how she utilized her power for the students whose lives depend on her: A true narcissist—Right?

Kirari Momobomi: A true reflection of everyone else

She is not seen much on screen, though she’s an omnipresent character. With just a single phone call, she alone can take all the significant decisions of the families and students in her reach. 

People think of her, and they tremble in fear. She has a level of authority and is a self-centered girl. Her erotic high-level intelligence was spectacular, which made her shine always!

Her cameo in the Kakegurui Twin trailer was so loved by all the fans

Kirari Momobani
Credit – Wallpaperflare.com

Let’s say she’s a direct reflection of everyone’s hubris; her existence is a threat. She ensures she gets whatever she wants, not even thinking about who’s being hurt in the process. She doesn’t leave a single chance to belittle anyone and always lives her life on her terms: No Matter What!


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