Kelly Reilly Revealed, “Beth Will Destroy Her In Season 5”!! It’s Not Jamie!! 

With Yellowstone season 5 approaching the fans at high speed, they are already craving for some spoilers and leaks. So, recently Kelly Reilly, the actor behind the insane character of Beth Dutton, shared some spoilers about the upcoming season. So, here is all we know. 

Kelly Reilly Says Beth Will Destroy This Character!! 

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Summer Higgins learned the hard way in Season 4 after sleeping with the human tornado’s father. As Season 5 approaches, the activist may feel safer behind bars than anywhere near his family.

Beth wants her father to be happy,” says actress Kelly Reilly. “She simply has no regard for this specific individual.” Summer is an adversary to her, someone who has no regard for their way of life. [She and her fellow protesters] arrive presuming that [ranchers] are all just rednecks.”

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“Beth isn’t going to guide her through it,” she adds. “She’ll simply softly destroy her.” And it’s so simple for Beth to accomplish. We all know how easy it is for her to accomplish it! Beth’s capacity for violence and cruelty is actually pretty frightening. “

Though John was mortified by his daughter and Summer’s encounter, one person certainly enjoyed it: series co-creator Taylor Sheridan, who made a point of emphasizing not just how different the characters are, but also how different Beth and Reilly are. “I think Taylor is having a lot of fun with that,” the actress says.

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“I’m not a vegan, but I’m a vegetarian who cares deeply about animal welfare.” I care about the same things that summer does.”

“Of course, Taylor does,” she continues. However, he places Beth in the position of being the polar opposite of all of that. And she only does it to get a reaction, to provoke.

So, fans, are you excited for Yellowstone Season 5 and Kelly Reilly to get back in her beast mode as Beth Dutton? Tell us in the comment box. 

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