Joker 2 Release Date Is Out!! Director Reveals A Big Update!!

Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix is set to make his return in his sequel “The Joker 2”. So, so fans get ready to witness the darkness of the DC Universe with Joker. Read the complete article to know the potential Joker 2 release date, cast, and more details. 

Joker Is More Than Just A Movie!! 

 Joker 2 Release Date
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The previous Joker chapter depicted the dark side of society and how a failed stand-up comedian and clown turned into a serial killer. 

Arthur Fleck (also known as Joker) was looked down upon by the community of Gotham city due to his neurological condition of laughing randomly regardless of any situation. 

He was beaten, ignored, and disrespected by society. This madness is about to continue and reach new heights in this upcoming movie. 

 The excitement in the fans is already surging after hearing the confirmation of Joker 2. So, here is all we know about Joker 2 release date and plot. 

Joker 2 Production Is Underway!! 

Director Todd Phillips released an Instagram post, where Joaquin Phoenix was reading the script, confirming that the Joker will soon return to the theaters. 

Head company Warner Bros plans to release this masterpiece worldwide in every part of the country. Planning regarding this has already started. The Joker, released back in October 2019 already left its prints in the heart of the audiences.

Since then, the crowd has been going crazy and has been anxiously waiting for its return. 

However, the wait has not ended yet as the Joker 2 release date is still not revealed by the directors. As the rumors are running around that the sequel of Joker 2 would be released soon, that is the time when Todd Philips updated his Instagram with the first sneak peek on the much-awaited Joker 2 by sharing the cover image of the script of the new installment of Joker and also how Phoenix is reading the draft of it!!

Return of Joaquin Phoenix In Joker 2 

 Joker 2 Release Date
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The American actor Joaquin Rafael Phoenix is quite well known for the quirky characters in many films. 

He has received a lot of appreciation for his dark roles, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, a Grammy Award, and two Golden Globe Awards. 

So we might witness Phoenix return and we are eagerly waiting for Joker 2 release date.

A Glimpse Of Joker 2

 Joker 2 Release Date
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As the news released by Todd Phillips, the renowned writer of the Joker series, the title of the new Joker chapter will be “Joker: Folie a Deux,” which means that a similar mental disorder affects two or more persons, especially of the same family. 

This indicates that there are soaring chances that we may be able to see multiple Jokers. 

Multiple Jokers state that the thrill will be twice the original one. A major disappointment in the fans is that the Joker 2 release date is still not decided, and not a single clue has been released for the same.

Joker 2 Release Date 

As of now, the director has only confirmed that the favorite Joker is only getting up to unwrap a new chapter of his life. Till now, we have no Joker 2 release date. 

But make sure to stay tuned as Sassyshows will be the first to drop the official updates on Joker 2. 

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