Johnny vs Amber Heard – When Is The Final Verdict Expected? 

Before announcing the final verdict in the Johnny vs Amber Heard case, the court battles with the jury in Virginia. 

In this case, Mr. Depp has sued his ex-wife against the false allegation posted by her in the Washington Post. 

Even he demanded a compensation of $50 million. Accordingly, what his ex-wife wrote did not point out to Mr. Depp, but his team claimed that after this post, the actor lost his contract. 

In the case of Johnny vs Amber Heard, Ms. Amber also countersued Mr. Johnny for accusing her of a “smear campaign” orchestrated against her. And demanded a compensation of $100 million.

When will the trial of the case Johnny vs Amber Heard be held?

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On April 11, both for their tremendous relationship Mr. Depp and Ms. Amber Heard painted a harrowing sketch. Even they accused each other of sexual abuse.

On May 27, a closing argument was made after the case Johnny vs Amber Heard was sent to a seven-bench jury.

On May 31, the first full deliberation day by the jury.

What is going on in the Johnny vs Amber Heard case?

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Before reaching the jury deliberating verdict, indeed, Ms. Heard defamed Mr. Deep. 

If the jury decides in the favor of Johnny Depp, she would ask to pay $50 million to the actor. 

If the jury favors Ms. Heard, Mr. Depp would be asked to pay her $100 million.

When is the final verdict expected? 

All the verdicts of the case, all the eyes are on the six-week trial of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard. 

How long will the jury continue this case deliberately?

Both Depp and Heard met in 2011. While filming “The Rum Diary ”. In February 2015, they both married each other. After two years, their divorce was confirmed.

However, a December 2018 Washington Post piece where Ms. Heard made the statement showering negative views on Johnny Depp ignited a conflict. 

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Moving back to the Johnny vs Amber trial, within the six weeks of testimony, Heard’s attorneys argued that the comments of Ms. Heard were used as free speech under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, and she had told the truth.

In this case, Jurors minutely listened to the couple’s fights and also observed the graphic photos that showed the bloody finger of Mr. Depp. 

On his counteract, Mr. Depp said the finger was bleeding due to the Vodka bottle thrown by his ex-wife at him. 

On this, Heard denied injuring Depp’s finger and keeping her side safe; she mentioned that Mr. Depp sexually assaulted her. Only to defend herself or her sister, she also mentioned that she struck him.

Even on social media, this testimony was live-streamed, drawing large audiences to hear details of the Johnny vs Amber Heard case. 

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