Itachi Vs Pain Who Would Win?

Itachi Vs Pain Who Would Win?

Fans want to know who would win if the strongest Akatsuki members fought each other in their prime. Itachi vs Pain is one of the hot topics in the Naruto universe, and fans want to know who would come out on top.

Itachi and Pain shared mutual respect amongst each other. We all saw their bond in the great Ninja war when both got reincarnated. But to make a befitting match, we have to consider some scenarios in mind first.

Itachi Uchiha

At an early age, Itachi started facing problems due to the adverse effects of Mangekyou Sharingan. He had almost lost his vision and was blind. Itachi also had some health issues where blood was coming out of his mouth, so he can not prove a worthy challenge against Pain in this state.

A healthy and fit Itachi can ensure a well-befitting fight against him, so we should consider a fight as Healthy Itachi against Prime Pain.

Itachi Vs. Pain Who would win?


Pain, whose original name was Nagato, is one of the strongest characters shown in Naruto. He was the head of the Akatsuki clan, and Obito believed he could resurrect Madara Uchiha with his Outer Path Jutsu.

In the naruto vs pain arc, Pain defeats Kakashi sensei and kills almost half of the village. But in the latter part, his Outer path, Jutsu, made everyone come to life. This power of his is the gift of Rinnegan.

Itachi Vs. Pain Who would win?

Rinnegan vs Sharingan  

When the fight between Pain and Itachi comes up, it adds up another topic: Rinnegan vs Sharingan. Which one is more powerful, and who will overcome whom?

Rinnegan is quite like an upgrade of Sharingan so, Rinnegan will hold its first place, and Sharingan has to follow up but is it the same case in the battle between the strongest Akatsuki members?

Pain Vs Itachi

Let’s come back to the main question. Who would have won if a prime and healthy Itachi had fought Prime Nagato? Itachi Uchiha was a Shinobi Prodigy and had a lot of hopes around him for the Uchiha clan, but due to circumstances, he became the clan’s destroyer. 

Itachi is very effective in 1vs1 battle combat, and he has a sharp battling IQ, whereas, on the other hand, Pain has the six paths of Pain which is truly a remarkable power. 

Itachi with his Sharingan can prove a worthy opponent to Pain, but can he defeat Nagato? Yes, he can, In the great Ninja War when Incarnate Pain was fighting Naruto, we have seen Itachi crushing Pian’s hand only by his half-cooked Susanoo.

Itachi never created the full Sussano due to his bad health and vision, but the healthy one can create a full and red-colored Susanoo. Itachi’s might is unquestionable as he defeated Kakashi by not even moving a single muscle. We all know Genjustu will be ineffective on Nagato still. Itachi has many tricks up his sleeves. 

Itachi can defeat Pain in his prime. That is what we thought; let us know what you think. Who would win in the battle between the strongest Akatsuki members? Let us know your favorite Strongest Naruto characters in the comment box.

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