Zendaya, Zendaya, Zendaya, Everywhere! Is She Really Pregnant? 

Popular star Zendaya from America has already started ruling the audience’s hearts. People are so crazy about her, that they never miss any updates on her. 

After the successful hit of “The Spiderman Series,” Zendaya has emerged as one of the top artists in the world. 

Soon, will get to see her in many new movies with different types of roles. Zendaya has already made the crowd love her sarcasm and charming attitude. Whether it’s on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, her appearance always receives a great response from the public.

With the star touching new heights of popularity, several rumors are floating about her. One of the latest ones says she is pregnant… so is it true? Here is all we know. 

Is Zendaya Pregnant? You got to be kidding me!

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The news of the stars’ pregnancy is the new hot topic emerging over the internet. The crowd is surprised after seeing the January 2022 post of her where the actress is flaunting a baby bump at a red carpet event. The actress is currently dating Tom Holland (Spiderman Movie Star) and is considered one of the most powerful couples of ongoing times. 

Everyone has a question about whether the above statement is true or not? 

Twitter is already flushed with comments stating various possibilities. Multiple theories have already been developed by the audience about their favorite couple. 

Where it all started!

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Zendaya is a famous actor now, and any strange news about her on the internet will be caught fire within seconds. 

This catastrophe was started by a fake Tik Tok video that went viral on the internet. The video contains the fact about the Zendaya sharing a picture of an ultrasound baby poster posted on Instagram. 

The video’s caption was “I love you. Halfway there @tommholland2013”. The people with the hunger for the limelight have taken this as confirmation of Zendaya’s pregnancy, and the firing of comments started within a fraction of a second. Gossips were heard, murmuring started, and the curiosity among everyone had already reached its peak. 

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

Credit – wethepvlic.com

Zendaya is not pregnant. One of the statements which were released earlier by fans stated that Zendaya was thrown under the bus by some to get the likes and views on their video. 

The aggressive move played by anonymous was a joke, and every fan has fallen for it. Her pregnancy rumors have already lit the traffic on various social media sites. Even the different variety of memes are floating on the internet expressing their pain after hearing the fake news. 


The phenomenal actor Zendaya is surrounded by almost every reality show. And the same question about her pregnancy is asked again and again by the host making her helpless from time to time. Horde is dumbfounded after reading the fake facts about it. 

It makes everyone wonder how people can lower their standards to achieve fame and publicity.

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