Is Spiderhead Based On A True Story? It’s More Complicated Than You Think!! 

Netflix’s new movie Spiderhead, a sci-fi thriller featuring big stars Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett. 

Joseph Kosinski is the director of Spiderhead. So, with several rumors floating around the movie, the fans are curious to know whether Spiderhead is based on a true story or not. Here is all we know. 

Spiderhead Elaborates A Thrilling Story!! 

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This film is based on a short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by George Saunders that appeared in The New Yorker. It is not based on a genuine story to the fullest. 

The adaptation of a short story tells about the prisoners exploited as guinea pigs for experimenting with odd drugs in exchange for freedom from prison. 

The doctor gave them a place to stay with him, which is also a prison, but unlike most prisons, it has a good atmosphere. Dr. Steve Abnesti(Chris Hemsworth) is the mastermind behind these experiments and Jeff(Miles Teller) is one of those subjects on whom he performs the experiments. Jeff discovered the horrible secret that Dr. Steve had been keeping from the subjects.

The drugs that have been tested in the movie are Verbaluce, euphoric Luvactin, laugh-inducing Laffodil, and the most torturing drug Darkenfloxx. But these drugs do not exist in real life. This is also a reason it is not based on a true event.

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However, there are numerous terrible stories of unlawful experimentation on humans in history that Spiderhead was inspired by. As an example, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study that started in Alabama was conducted between 1932 and 1972. 

This experiment examines 400 African American men who had syphilis in order to see what happens if the disease isn’t treated. However, by the end of the experiment, a cure for the disease was available. Notwithstanding this, they were not treated, and over 100 men died. 

It didn’t stop there, in 1914, a disease called pellagra was injected into Mississippi inmates, and even after a horrifying outbreak, the experiment kept going. 

Spiderhead carried out similar unethical experiments, performed by Dr. Steve in order to grant his dream. The subjects have no idea what drugs will be utilized on them. To apply the drug, a gadget is surgically implanted in their bodies. 

Dr. Steve recalls Jeff picking between two subjects on which to execute the experiment where he wants to implant his supreme drug Darkenfloxx. Dr. Steve manipulates Jeff in such a way that he chooses one, but the outcome is as black as the drug. The purpose of implementing Darkenfloxx was to gain control over one’s mind.

Is Spiderhead Based On A True Story? 

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Spiderhead is not a genuine story, but similar events in the past had a negative impact on human lives. Some instances occurred in order to devise ways to combat enemies during battle, while others occurred in order to observe the consequence of injecting sickness and leaving it untreated. 

Such events are ethically incorrect, it is against medical ethics. There are many drawbacks of the drugs used on subjects that can lead to death.

Following the release of Spiderhead and coming to the public’s attention, some guidelines in scientific research were formed, which lowered the future Spiderhead situation. 

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