Is Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski? Shocking Truth Revealed!! 

According to Us Weekly, Pete Davidson has moved on after his divorce from Kim Kardashian and now he has a new love. 

The comedian, who had been dating Kardashian for nine months, ended their relationship in August after a whirlwind romance. 

Davidson and Ratajkowski have been spending time together, according to US Weekly. An insider told US Weekly that Pete and Emily have been “talking for a couple of months now.” 

According to the source, the couple is in “very early stages,” but “both like each other.” While Davidson is currently single, Ratajkowski divorced her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in July after four years of marriage and filed for divorce in September of this year.

So, are the rumors true? Is Pete Davidson dating Emily Ratajkowski? Here is all we know. 

Is Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski?

Is Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski
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Is Pete Davidson dating Emily Ratajkowski? According to recent reports, Pete Davidson and model Emily Ratajkowski have been dating and are reportedly in their romance’s early stages. 

A source told US Weekly that the couple has been talking for a few months, and they both like each other. It was also reported that a mutual friend set up Emily and Pete, and Pete makes Emily laugh and admires her intelligence.

Mutual friends reportedly set up Pete and Emily; according to US Weekly, sparks flew early. “Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how intelligent she is,” an insider told the portal about what Davidson and Ratajkowski liked about each other. 

Howard Stern had previously shipped Emily and Pete’s romance on his show when he discussed Pete’s following girlfriend rumors. He said Emily and him would be a good match during a September episode of SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

Are Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Dating Now? Both Split Up In The Summer!!

Is Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski
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During the summer of 2022, the comedian and the model ended their relationship. 

Pete Davidson, 28, and Kim Kardashian, 42, divorced after a ten-month courtship. Meanwhile, Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from producer Sebastian Bear-McClard after nearly four years of marriage and a 20-month-old son, Sylvester.

Surprisingly, after Davidson and Kardashian split up, speculation about the comedian’s next partner began immediately. Davidson is well-known for dating high-profile celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Kaia Gerber, and Kate Beckinsale, to name a few. 

Is Pete Davidson Dating Emily Ratajkowski
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Before Ratajkowski and Davidson began dating, radio host Howard Stern advised the couple to give love a chance: “Everyone is speculating who will be next.” Pete Davidson should date Emily Ratajkowski. 

It’s stunning. “That would be a good matchup,” he said. So, Is Pete Davidson dating Emily Ratajkowski? So far, none of the celebrities involved have commented on the situation.

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